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Floor 4
E1M04 screenshot.png
A central hub in the level forms a squarish Celtic cross, filled with Guards.
Part of Episode 1
Par time 3:30
Music "Suspense"
Secrets 7
Crosses 14
Chalices 14
Chests 8
Crowns 4
One Ups 0
Total 40
Difficulty Can I Play, Daddy?"Don't hurt me." "Bring 'em on!" "I am Death incarnate!"
Guards 17 38 73
SS 3 5 9
Dogs 2 6 11
Total 22 49 93
(before bonuses)
40000 43900 50400

Episode 1, Floor 4 is the fourth level of Wolfenstein 3D episode "Escape from Wolfenstein".


The level is almost cleanly divided down the center into a zone mostly comprised of blue brick in the east, and one of gray stone in the west. The player begins in the latter zone, in the northwesternmost corner of the level, in a room with a Secret[secret 1].

The third room in the level is in the shape of a giant, square Celtic cross, guarded by 1/2/6 Guards (depending on difficulty). This opens to:

  • in the west, a series of three rooms, one of which contains a Secret[secret 2] guarded by 1/2/3 Guards
  • in the east, a few halls that lead to a room with SS as well as a prison area, keeping up the dungeon motive of Episode 1, as well as holding several Secrets[secrets 3, 4]
  • in the south, a cross-shaped hallway.

This last hallway itself opens to:

  • in the west, a room with a gold Key and Treasure
  • on the north side of the hall, a room with 1/2/3 Guards and some Treasure
  • in the south and east, the rest of the level.

The level finally ends in the eastern blue area, where behind a gold Key-locked door, the player finds an Elevator, which beginning at "I am Death incarnate!" difficulty, is watched by two Guards.


  1. Just on the right as the player begins the level, a plain stone wall opens to reveal 5 Ammo and two First Aid kits.
  2. The western arm of the Celtic Cross-shaped hallway holds a room that tantalizes the player with goodies inaccessible behind barrels; push a plain wall to reach them.
  3. The prison area holds a plain blue pushwall that opens to Food and a First Aid kit.
  4. Adjacent to the previous secret is another, which holds instead Ammo.
  5. A wall tile in a large, featureless stone block in the east of the level may be pushed to reveal 5 Food.
  6. A wall in a Swastika-shaped set of wooden walls may be pushed to reveal a single First Aid kit in the center.
  7. A wall in a room full of Dogs may be pushed to reveal a cache of Treasure, First Aid, and Ammo.


  • The wall tiles of the negative space outside the accessible area of this level can be seen to have various anomalies, suggesting that there once existed development rooms that were hastily cut.
  • John Romero's record time for beating this level is 34 seconds.[1]
  • 10/01/2016 new record time of 32 seconds by Nick Kerslake.




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