Wolfenstein Wiki
Floor 5
Part of Episode 2
Par time 4:00
Music "Nazi_OMI"
Secrets 4
Crosses 9
Chalices 7
Chests 13
Crowns 10
One Ups 1
Total 40
Difficulty Can I Play, Daddy?"Don't hurt me." "Bring 'em on!" "I am Death incarnate!"
Guards 15 27 41
SS 5 13 25
Dogs 2 3 5
Mutants 9 16 25
Total 31 59 96
(before bonuses)
78100 88400 102500

Episode 2, Floor 5 is the fifth level of Wolfenstein 3D episode "Operation: Eisenfaust".


The level is shaped like a big swastika. The arms of this swastika are the main hallways of the map. On each of these hallways are several doors which lead to lots of little rooms; most of these rooms are not mandatory to finish the level.


You don't need to enter any of the rooms in the first arm of the swastika. The silver key is in the last room of the red arm (it's guarded by several mutants) and the gold key is in the second last room of the blue arm (guarded by a few guards and SS). Once you have taken both the keys, you can go back to the central room of the swastika and open the silver door. It leads to the brown arm of the swastika (and the final one). The gold door is in the second last room of the hallway. Open it, kill some enemies and then exit.

If you want to get everything, this floor can be a bit hard, but there are lots of dinners and medkits (expecially if you find the secrets) that will restore most or all of your health.


1) In the Blue arm of the swastika enter the 5th door from the last. This is the room with Dogs. Go straight into the small enclosure, the secret behind contains health, crosses,crowns and treasure.

2) In the Blue arm at the corner there is a secret with medikits.

3) In the Wooden arm of the swastika enter the 3rd room from the last that has the SS. The eagle portrait houses a secret containing a life.

4) In the Red arm of the swastika, push the plain red brick which is right side from the door of the room with the silver key and Mutants.


(NOTE: Map below is totally changed in latest patch of the game! So for latest patch users, a thorough check of all walls is recommended for 100% completion. Fortunately this in not one of the huge floors!)