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Floor 7
A notable feature of this level is a secluded nest of Mutants who appear to have attacked and killed several Guards.
Part of Episode 2
Par time 1:00
Music "Headache"
Secrets 2
Crosses 0
Chalices 2
Chests 1
Crowns 21
One Ups 4
Total 28
Difficulty Can I Play, Daddy?"Don't hurt me." "Bring 'em on!" "I am Death incarnate!"
Guards 5 14 26
SS 5 9 17
Mutants 4 7 11
Total 14 30 54
(before bonuses)
112800 117800 125800

Episode Two, Floor Seven is the seventh level of Wolfenstein 3D episode "Operation: Eisenfaust".


The level is notable for its initial appearance as very small- there are only three rooms and a hallway that can be explored before finding the elevator. Reflecting this, it ties with Episode 4, Floor 4 for the shortest Par time - one minute. In fact the exit of this level can be achieved in even less time than Episode 4 Floor 4 and, enemy/door tricks (present in some other floors) aside, faster than any other normal level in the game. A Secret[secret 1] may be found in the elevator room, however, which leads to a much larger area. This area appears to be somewhat decrepit, as the clean stone walls of the original 3 rooms become quickly moss-covered. It is not unpopulated, however, as Guards, SS, and Mutants stand and Patrol in the vicinity.

Eventually, in the westernmost portion of the level, one may come upon an unusual feature - a hidden purple stone room full of Mutants, with already-dead Guards littering the floor as well as the hallway outside. Only very rarely are Guards placed in a map already dead, the implication here seeming to be that the Mutants have attacked and killed them. But some mutants in another room in the east side did not kill the SS. Why? Come on, the mutant is a killing-machine.


There are only two Secrets in the level:

  1. An SS stands in front of a golden eagle-adorned wall in the north of the elevator room which can be pushed to reveal the hidden majority of the level.
  2. An otherwise unremarkable-appearing dirty brick wall is marked by a pile of bones in a room full of hanging Skeletons, pushable to reveal 5 Treasure and a One Up.