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Episode Three of Wolfenstein 3D, titled Die, Führer, Die! follows B.J. Blazkowicz as he seeks to end World War Two by killing Adolf Hitler. Chronologically, this is the final episode of Wolfenstein 3D. Episodes Four through Six are prequels - the Nocturnal Missions.


Adolf Hitler, aware that he is losing the war, retreats to his bunker under the Reichstag, which is where Episode 3 takes place. B.J. fights through nine (or ten) levels before finding and assassinating Hitler, who, with his multiple chainguns and mechanical suit, serves as boss of Episode Three.




  • Because boss of this episode is Hitler himself, in China, Wolfenstein 3D was nicknamed as "刺杀希特勒(lit. Assassinate Hitler)" aside its official release title "德军总部(lit. Headquarter of Wehrmacht)".