Wolfenstein Wiki
Floor 6
Part of Episode 3
Par time 2:30
Music "Nazi_Rap"
Secrets 4
Crosses 24
Chalices 4
Chests 5
Crowns 11
One Ups 2
Total 46
Difficulty Can I Play, Daddy?"Don't hurt me." "Bring 'em on!" "I am Death incarnate!"
Guards 14 23 31
SS 3 7 16
Officers 8 19 33
Total 25 49 80
(before bonuses)
70500 77800 88700

Episode 3, Floor 6 is the sixth level of Wolfenstein 3D episode "Die, Fuhrer, Die!". It is definitely a step up in difficulty and size from the previous maps of Episode 3.


Next to your starting door is a gold door: if you want the gold key, you have to navigate a large maze (which is on the northern side of the level). However, you don't have to open the gold door, since inside are only treasure items and an extra-life.

At the start, open the door in front of you to enter a hallway with many officers behind posts. You can either kill them right now (though it's difficult) or reach their room through secret n.1 and kill them from that spot.

Anyway, the door at the right end of the hallway will lead you to the gold key's maze, the door at the left end is the one you have to open. Two rooms beyond, you'll come across a room with three doors: open the door in front of you and continue forward until you come to a corridor with two doors. This time open the door at the left end of the corridor, then the next one: the door containing the silver key is in front of you (as well as several enemies).

Go back through the door and open the silver one. From this spot, continue forward until you reach the end.


1. In the room with three doors, open the one on the right. Behind the med kits is your first secret: it will allow you to reach the room with the officers behind the posts.

2-3. This time open the door to your left. Again, the secret is behind the med kits. Open the door behind and collect the treasure items. Behind a crown is another secret that will lead you in the room with the silver key (yes, it's possible to grab this key without fighting).

4. To the left of the exit door.