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"Blazkowicz. Übercommander Eberhardt is somewhere at your location. They gonna flip you into the bad guy in their bullshit propaganda film. Do your thing. Grace out."
―Grace to B.J. on Eberhardt.[src]

Brigadeführer Erich Eberhardt was a Überkommandant in the Nazi Party and target in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Before 1961[]

During the Second World War, Eberhardt most noticeable action, was leading the Black Wolf Squadron during the siege of Moscow, in 1945, effectively ending the battle as well as sealing the fate of Stalin. He became a decorated hero for his actions during the Santa Monica district uprising, in 1951, which led to seventeen of the members of uprising being killed, and the capture of fifty two. During this time he was to assist the Kommandant of the Dry Ridge labor camp, which ended with having an increase of 215% of production, but not without heavy losses of the laborers.


"You never cease to impress, Blazkowicz. Pack it up and come on home. Grace out."
―Grace to B.J. upon Eberhardt's death.[src]

He was in charge of security and management of Lady Helene for the making of the Neumond propaganda movie, the scene which he was to make was 'about the capture and defeat' of B.J. Blazkowicz. However, Eberhard saw the operation as a chance to understand how his enemy's mind worked. To ensure the security of the place, as well as the cast, Eberhart had Drones, ÜberSoldats, Kampfhunds and his own personal bodyguards to super vise the area. He also brought along a commander to assist in the security.

His orders were also to study what he could find of Blazkowicz's childhood, preferably degenerate stories, such as B.J.'s illustrations, table manners, or anything else. After arriving in the area, he had the area secured, as well as rebuilding at the house which had been damaged in the real capture of Blazkowicz.

He is killed by B.J. and thus making the production of the movie in ruin, as well as reducing the number of Übercommanders in America.


  • He is one of the few übercommanders' whose face is visible.
  • He also wears a bullet proof uniform which can present a problem for ordinary rifle.