Escape from Totenhaus is a Wolf3D total conversion for Doom II. This WolfenDOOM scenario is seemingly an alternate version of the Escape from Wolfenstein episode.


B.J. is disguised. Unfortunately, a Nazi soldier hits B.J. from the back, implying that his disguise got blown. B.J. ends up imprisoned on Totenhaus, or German for House of Death. B.J. kills a Wehrmacht soldier who guards his prison, taking his gun B.J. fought the Grosse siblings, Wehrmacht forces, and finally a showdown against General Scheiskopf.


Same as in 2nd Encounter.


  • Wehrmacht Soldier: Replaces Zombieman.
  • Wehrmacht Machinegunner: Replaces Shotgun guy.
  • Wehrmacht Officer: Replaces Heavy weapon dude.
  • Mutant: Replaces Imp.
  • Dog: Replaces Demon.



  • Franz is actually a modified Hans Grosse, only black in hair and red in armor. You confront him in a Newgrounds game.
  • Karl is another modified Hans Grosse. He was brown in hair and gray in armor. He resemble a cross of Hans and the Death Knight - particularly, the rocket launchers he possessed.
  • Helga is a modified Gretel Grosse.
  • General Scheiskopf is apparently a 'twin brother' of General Fettegesicht. His name Scheiskopf means 'shithead' in German. Also, when you confront him, the General makes a musical sound!