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Fake Hitler
Animated Fake Hitler.gif
HP 200/300/400/500[1]
Points 2000
Weapon Flamethrower (projectile)

Fake Hitlers (German: Falscher Hitler) (also known as Hitler's Ghosts or Hitler Ghosts) are dummies fashioned to look like Adolf Hitler that only appear in the final level of Episode 3 in Wolfenstein 3D. These robe wearing puppets, along with regular Nazi personnel, protect Hitler himself. They are very strong compared to regular enemies and can be considered sub-bosses. According to various guides and manuals: the dummy is hung by thin string and has a flamethrower mounted in its chest. This is designed to scare intruders into thinking that the dummy Hitler is casting a magic fireball through the fancy talisman hung about its neck. It is not clear whether the Nazi Soldiers or Hitler himself control the effigy.

Fake Hitlers don't appear in Spear of Destiny or the Mac Family. However, Spear of Destiny and its mission packs have an enemy that is similar in that it appears only on the final boss level. This enemy is the Ghost.

Fake Hitlers cannot open doors.

Tactical analysis[]

Attempt to clear away other enemies before taking on Fake Hitlers when possible. If you are taken on by two at a time, try to take out the conventional enemies first, as they should go faster.

A useful strategy against Fake Hitlers is to dodge. You can defeat them completely unscathed yourself simply by avoiding all of their slow-moving fireballs. Always keep moving. Strafing is useful, especially when used in a source port such as NewWolf which permits simultaneous strafing and mouse look.

Even the nimblest player, however, may find themselves trapped by the sheer number of fireballs an effigy produces - a slow-moving wall of flame may trap the player in a hallway, even if the Fake Hitler has been destroyed. Without an escape route, the only option may be to run through a thin-looking section and hope for minimal damage.


The poor quality of sound in the game makes it difficult to ascertain what is being said. Sources are given for what Id Software claims is the language, but this is sometimes open to criticism.

"Tod', Hund!"[2]
"Die, dog!"[2] File: "TOT_HUNDSND". Spoken on seeing the player. Often assumed based upon the filename, but unlike some of the other statements, appears either garbled or incorrect. One alternate possibility is "Fahre darum!", which may be interpreted as "Go for it!" (i.e., a challenge). This is incorrect German: the grammatically correct phrase would be "Stirb, Hund!"
File: "HITLERHASND". Uttered on death.

"Id Software apologizes to German speaking people everywhere."[3]


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