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B.J Engaging the Nazis at outside of the fortified farm.

The Farm is the first mission that is given by the Golden Dawn to search for the resources of a Small Fragment of the Black Sun Energy Crystal that one of the member have caught inside the Facility. This level features a new enemy, The Sniffer, a Black Sun Experiment that used normal humans as the host and were subsequently turned into hideous abominations; they are considered a success compared to the failure of their first test subject. Also, B.J. finds a new veil power (Shield) in this mission.


It is unknown when the German forces had built the underground base or how it even existed during in the War at all.

Mission (step-by-step)[]

  • Investigate the Farm.
  • Rescue the Golden Dawn Member.
  • Obtain the Crystal.
  • Return to Midtown.


There are 19 Gold, 5 Intel and 2 Tomes found in this location.