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Field Ops is the name of a class in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, an equivalent to the Lieutenant from Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer.

Their ammo is practically unlimited as they can replenish it at any time, as well as drop ammo packs for the other players to use. They also have the ability to call in air strikes and artillery strikes. They come equipped with Binoculars by default.

Signals skill[]

This class-specific skill allows the Field Ops to use his special abilities more often and increases their overall efficiency. Experience points are earned by destroying objectives or killing enemy players with artillery and air strikes, or giving ammo packs to your teammates.

  • Signals Level 1: Improved Resources - Your proven logistical efficiency is rewarded by access to Improved Resources. Every Ammo Pack you distribute will contain an extra magazine clip and issuing the Ammo Pack will only deplete your Power Bar by 15% instead of 25%.
  • Signals Level 2: Improved Signals - Your experience as a fire support observer gains you improved efficiency. Calling in an Artillery or Air Strike uses up only 2/3 of your Power Bar, allowing you to call in fire support more frequently than before.
  • Signals Level 3: Improved Air and Ground Support - Your expertise in identifying key enemy targets is rewarded by diverting more fire support resources to your designated targets. Each Air Strike now has two aircraft incoming and each Artillery Strike lasts twice as long.
  • Signals Level 4: Enemy Recognition - Your observational skill and battlefield experience now means that you can identify disguised enemy Covert Ops. Placing your cross-hairs over an Enemy infiltrator will result in a Disguised Enemy prompt and their location will be highlighted on your team's Command Map.