Fire Undead (German: feurige Untote) are enemies in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. They are zombies enshrouded in flames, who attack by spewing fire at their enemies, similar to the effect of a Flamethrower.


Fire Undead will fire once they see you, keeping a distance is still strongly recommended, the flame has a medium effective range, but due to the confined space in these levels you encounter them, it's a good idea to pull back. Only two are encountered in the entire game: one as a sub-boss enemy in the catacombs, and another one is attacking Nazi soldiers in the crypt. It's a dangerous enemy on higher difficulty levels, but no special technique is required, just use a lot of ammunition on it. Like regular undead, the fire undead remains must be destroyed when they drop down - but they absorb more damage than the latter.clarification needed


  • If you have dynamite, an encounter with a Fire Undead is an excellent opportunity to use it. If timed precisely, the blast will instantly destroy the creature, saving you from having to lead a long and dangerous battle. Make sure you run for cover so that you don't die in the same blast. Its attack range is slightly shorter than normal Flamethrower, but it is still recommened to stay away as far as you can. Let your grenades fly toward it if you don't have the Dynamite, or you want to use it later. Also, using the Mauser Rifle to snipe it down from far away. Despite, it take longer, but save it for Grenade and Dynamite. Sten is also a choice to take it down if you can stay away from their range. Don't kick the Fire Undead when he is down, shoot it instead.


  • This is the only undead enemy that doesn't reappear in the game's penultimate level.
  • The undead in The Old Blood have similar fire attributes.

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