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This article is about the flamethrower weapon in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For other uses, see Flamethrower.

The Flamethrower is an incendiary device. Flamethrowers can be found during the first level of Deadly Designs. The key of using this weapon without spending too much fuel is to get enemies engulfed in fire rather than spraying at front of them. If used well, one fuel unit is enough to set the enemy on fire. The player can use this weapon with great effect against enemy with no ranged attacks.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 150 and the fuel will be used up in just a few seconds of continued use.


  • Flamethrowers are found on flamethrower soldiers during Mission 4.
  • Fuel can be found in various areas of the later maps, secret areas in particular.


  • When fired at close range, the flames can draft back on the player and thus set you on fire as well, with the resulting loss of health. The flamethrower can be a deadly weapon to B. J. as well, so use it with caution.
  • Model the Flamethrower is based on is a World War 2 era American M1 Flamethrower. Only real life difference is that is lacks the trigger pistol grip. Actual real life German model is Flammenwerfer 35.
  • This weapon counts as a "silent weapon", even though the victim will scream when on fire.
  • When lit on, the flame will take a few seconds to extinguish, thus will do a lot of damage to whoever is hit by this weapon.
  • Never try using this weapon against the flamethrower/Venom Gun soldiers, they wear special armor made of asbestos, meant specifically to protect them from being burned.
  • There's a glitch where you can fire the Flamethrower without using up fuel, which is done by leaning and tapping Fire. This glitch can also occur if you use "noclip" cheat.
  • A good tactic with the flamethrower is to avoid using it at all, as its damage rate is abysmal compared with other weapons, on the higher difficulties you will often find yourself being killed by on fire enemies.
  • The flamethrower can deal up to a maximum of 50 points of damage to the player. It deals it over 5 points of damage per second following the initial hit that deals a lot more.