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Flag of France

France was a country which was invaded and taken over by the Germans during World War 2, in June 1940. It then became the home of the French Resistance.

Spear of Destiny[]

France is part of the backstory for Spear of Destiny. The Spear was stolen by the Nazis from Versailles, near Paris, when the German Blitzrieg invaded France. B.J. was helped into Germany through France with the French Resistance help to reach Castle Nuremburg.

The Claw of Eisenfaust[]

Blazcowicz searched for whereabouts of Hitler from Normandy, France to Bern, Switzerland.

Wolfenstein (Wolf2)[]

In Operation Fall Rot, the invasion of France from 1940 is seen on a map.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood[]

While not much early information was provided with regards to France, it can be assumed that at the outbreak of World War 2, France was one of the countries in Western Europe that fell early on to the Nazi war machine. During that time, a resistance movement was created with the intent to expel the Nazi occupiers, awaiting for Allied reinforcements.

However, during 1944, the Allies mounted an invasion into Normandy, with the hopes of establishing a beachhead into France and entering mainland Europe from there on. Instead, the Allied forces were slaughtered at the beaches, sustaining massive casualties and were forced to retreat, leaving France in German hands.

Having solidified their control over continental Europe, the Nazis began pacification campaigns, and proceeded to wipe out the vast majority of the French Resistance groups. By the 1980's, much of the Resistance have been wiped out, with the only known Resistance groups still active being currently led by Nazi infiltrator Julie Brandt. Much like the rest of the world, many major cities including Paris have been reconstructed to better suit the Nazi regime's architectural ideology, with even the Eiffel Tower having been rebuilt as a monument to Nazi dominance.

The arrival of B.J. proved to be a turning point in the Resistance's failing fortunes as his daughters arrived in the country in the hopes of finding him. Their arrival and subsequent assistance, further boosted the Resistance's efforts when they begun wiping out the Nazi leadership in Neu Paris. The subsequent coup both in France and Germany led by Lothar Brandt effectively neutralized what was left of the leadership. Having reunited with their father and now aware of Brandt's true allegiance, the twins stormed the Nazi HQ and killed them.

The deaths of both the Third and Fourth Reich leadership in France proved to be the signal for a general uprising and Neu Paris was thrown into chaos. However, both the Blazkowicz family and Walker family, having learned of the coup, departed Paris in search of their allies, leaving the fate of Paris in the hands of their children.