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The French Resistance in Youngblood.

The French Resistance was an organization lead by Jean Moulin in France. They were formed in resistance to the Nazi occupation. They appear in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

A group within the resistance includes the Maquis.


It is currently unknown what year the group was founded, possibly after the end of World War II, where the members of the original French Resistance continued fighting desperately despite all the hope have lost. When B.J Blazkowicz successfully destroyed many of the atrocities committed by the Germans throughout the world to ignited the fire of the revolution all around the globe. The resistance decided to use this opportunity as to uproar and tried to overthrow the occupation.

However, they were still under-equipped and unprepared to effectively fight the Nazi Regime, so in order to support them, Blazkowicz volunteered to fight in France alongside them. Unfortunately, he was at some point captured by the Nazis, leaving it up to his twin daughters to start the revolution and liberate the country by themselves. The resistance was slaughtered after Julie Brandt and Lothar Brandt disguised themselves with fake name that gathered information to German Armed Forces after the twins had done enough work to overthrow the remnants of Walter Winkler, Edgar Fleischer, and the rest of the Third Reich. While, some of its members survived from the massacre.


-French Resistance Army which got support by United Kingdom Army was Free French Army.