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Major Gerhard Wechsler is a major character mentioned in number of Clipboards and Letters in Cursed Sands campaign for console ports of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Cursed Sands[]

During the events in Northern Egypt he was assigned to take control over the Afrika Korps and operation at Ras el-Hadid, for which he wasn't so much pleased. In his letter to General Von Stauff he expressed his dissatisfaction about "babysitting a bunch of archaeologists" and complaining that his skills would be better used on the battlefield. He also mentioned that his campaign is "going as poorly as it is" and from what we can see in his message to Nazi Staff in the Village of Ras el-Hadid, many Soldiers disregarded their duties under his command.

By his order, all residents of Ras el-Hadid were ordered to remain in their homes from dusk until dawn until further notice. Anyone found at this time on streets was to be shot on sight. In his paper to Captain Olaf Schaap he mentioned that he hired several of the locals for their good knowledge of the area to assist the Nazis in patrolling the village. He also mentioned to keep a close eye on them.

When Oberst Helga von Bulow heard from General Von Stauff about Wechsler's displeasure of leading the operation, she wrote to the Major about his disregard of the importance of the mission and that she would fly to Egypt and take control the operation by herself, which she actually done.


  • He was studied for two years at the Lichterfelde Academy.
  • The Corps Book found in the game seems to be addressed to him.
  • His last name means "Changer".