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"Agent Silent Death ... Yes, I know it's you. Are you on a quest for vengeance? To assassinate three people who destroyed your idiot husband? And I suppose I am to be your crowning achievement? I think not, terrorist."
―Gerhardt Dunkel on speaker to Silent Death.[src]

Oberstgruppenführer Gerhardt Dunkel is the main antagonist of the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus DLC, The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, and is Silent Death's third and final target of the DLC.

Before 1961[]

General Dunkel, was an well known general both for his effecient, and infamous record. During the end of the war he was responsible for the capture and death of Jack Valiant. He may also have been Irene Engel's predecessor of being the Nazi governor of the American Territories. He was later reassigned to the Nazi moon base gamma, but still maintained contact with his former subordinates in California, as he had appeared on Chuck Lorentz's late show.


Gerhart Dunkel, based on his interaction with Jessica Valiant, is shown to be arrogant, boastful, and egomaniacal. His mannerisms indicate that he is also bookish and dramatic.

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus[]

Dunkel was first appeared with his voice on being heard on the telephone, with Hans Stiglitz whom told him of his nightmare of Jessica Valiant.

After Jessica had killed both Hans Stiglitz and Chuck Lorentz, she sneaked on a transport to the moon base, that carried Herr Schmidt, and killed him, and the crew. Dunkel, after hearing the battle from his command centre, and immediately realized who was attacking him. In an effort to reduce her morale, he taunted her over loud speakers on her quest for vengeance and if he was supposed to be her crowning achievement. She was unable to penetrate Dunkel's office which refused her access, and the door was bullet and explosive proof. But Jessica destroyed the air supply, causing Dunkel to come out for evacuation, thus allowing Jessica the perfect opportunity to kill him and avenge her husband.



  • Dunkel's voice actor, Riefenstein also voiced General Wolfgang Schwarz.
  • Unlike the Freedom Chronicles' other main antagonists, Übercommander Metze and General Schwarz, who are killed in cutscenes, General Dunkel is fought and killed in normal gameplay. Like the Übercommanders, he has greater than normal durability and can survive almost a full magazine of assault rifle fire to the torso, and is also protected by a pair of Super Soldiers.