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German... or Else! is a propaganda game show in the occupied America created by the Nazis. The purpose of the show is to provide propaganda-based entertainment and to promote the eventual Changeover Day--a Nazi-mandated date (4th of July 1962) where English in the American Territories would be outlawed from public speaking under pain of death.

Gestapo arrests a loser of the game show for re-education camp

The objective is that two contestants must conjugate various words in German (with some of them being unusually long and complex.) The types of words said on the show work both for entertainment value (given the lengthy nature of words at the Übermacht round) and for indoctrination value (many words often serve to glorify the Wehrmacht or Nazi ideology). Winning contestants are usually given a prize of thousands of Reichsmarks, while losing contestants are publicly condemned to 4 weeks in re-education camps on live Television.

The show has most likely been canceled due to the rise of the Second American Revolution by the end of the New Colossus and the Gestapo is now in the state of disarray since they are losing control of their authority towards US people after Irene and all the Übercommanders are assassinated. Furthermore, it is possible that all the producers of the show are now forced to run for their lives as the American Resistance network will now target them to destroy the Nazi propaganda machine.

The Television Productions division of Neumond Records may have had a role in the production of the program, as did Paragon Pictures.

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  • German or Else is a parody of 1950s and 1960s game shows such as To Tell the Truth and Jeopardy!.

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