Brigadeführer Gernot Herrmann is a minor antagonist and enemy in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before 1961[edit | edit source]

He was the commander of the Ausmerzer, in 1951, during the 'Liberation war'. He was also responsible for the attempted uprising in Washington, in 1953. In 1955, during the siege of Silver Creek, he managed to capture twenty six terrorists, as well as kill thirteen.

Assassination[edit | edit source]

Herrmann had become one of the Übercommanders', influential high-ranking officers under the command of General Irene Engel. Sometime in July-August 1961 he led a garrison protecting the site of an abandoned bunker in the Riverside area of Manhattan. He had few Atom Elites soldiers under his command in this post, with the guard forces within the bunker being composed primarily of Super Soldiers, robotic infantry and Laserhunden. Unlike other officers of his rank he was accompanied by a Zerstörer unit during this posting; it is unknown whether the robot was assigned as his bodyguard due to a perceived threat on his life following the assassinations of fifteen other Übercommanders, or whether it was just coincidentally present in Riverside at the time of his deployment.

He was the sixteenth and final Übercommander to be assassinated by William J. Blazkowicz, who was able to make his way through the bunker without alerting Herrmann despite resistance from the robots and Super Soldiers patrolling the facility. Pacing on a small pier outside the bunker by the Statue of Liberty accompanied by the Zerstörer, neither Herrman's Kampfpistole nor his fearsome mechanical guard could save him from Terror-Billy.

His death was the final nail in the coffin for the German leadership in America, and this caused the Nazis to be practically leaderless during the Second American Revolution.

Given the lack of power in the bunker and presence of corpses of soldiers in the hallways and the entrance, it is implied that Herrmann's location had been attacked by the rebels. Strangely, he for some reason does not seem to acknowledge the attack in the bunker by Blazkowicz on his men, as he is not there to call for reinforcement until the very end. Hermann wears the hazmat suit as he's stationed in the Manhattan area which is still irradiated.

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