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This is about the ghosts seen in Spear of Destiny. For other ghosts, see Pacman Ghost and Hitler's Ghost.
Animated Spectre.gif
HP 5/10/15/25[1]
Points 200
Weapon Drain health on contact

The Ghosts (also known as Spectres) is a soul that appears in the Hell part of the last level of Spear of Destiny, after the player acquired the holy spear itself. The Ghosts accompany the final boss, the Angel of Death, in order to test the hero's strength and find out if they're "worthy" of wielding the Spear of Destiny.

Their only attack is to touch the player and drain their health at an alarming rate. Unlike other enemies, ghosts cannot be killed. After having all their HP taken they will enter a dormant state with only their yellow eyes in sight until some time has passed and they respawn. Every time they enter a dormant state, the player's score is increased.

In the mission packs, the Ghosts are completely different entities. Each of two episodes (Return to Danger & Ultimate Challenge) present a different version of the enemy. In Ultimate Challenge they are replaced by Radioactive Mist. They accompany a new paranormal enemy, called the Devil Incarnate.

In Return to Danger, they are called Ghoulish Ghosts and are the souls of dead SS soldiers that patrol the final floor. They assist the Devil Incarnate in his fight against B.J. These souls are still loyal to Hitler and wear Nazi helmets.

In Ultimate Challenge, they are called Radioactive Mist and are clouds of some sort of radioactive material left over from earlier battles, resulting in a greenish-smoke appearance. They interfere in the final battle against the Devil Incarnate.

A Ghost in its physical form

Two Ghost. The one to the left of the player is in it's "hit" phase with just the eyes showing. The other one in front of the player, has just been struck by the player's weapon and is transforming into yellow eyeballs.

Tactical analysis[]

Since ghosts cannot die, all you can do is temporarily stun them. 2-3 (sometimes even 1) shots from any gun will stun a ghost for a few seconds. After you stun it, run away, and be sure that other ghosts don't surround you!

In the Angel of Death's lair, you don't have to worry about ghosts, but they are a major threat when facing off the Devil Incarnate, mostly because the levels he's in require you to move past some ghosts and some surround him when you meet him.


Hit points 5 (skill 1),
10 (skill 2),
15 (skill 3),
25 (skill 4)
Speed 800
Pain No
Score 200
Sprites & sounds
Sprite number 377-384
Melee attack


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