"You know, dad, I think we make a pretty good team. Think you got another fight left in you?"
―Ginny in the last cutscence.[src]

Ginny Wilkins is a resistance fighter and daughter of the renowned Captain Gerald Wilkins who appears in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus DLC The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Geez. Mom was right about you. Always spouting your "I've got a job to do and I'm gonna do it and shoot and kill" bullshit."
―Ginny to her father at the end of Volume 2.[src]

Ginny Wilkins is the daughter of United States Army Captain Gerald Wilkins and Henrietta. Her date of birth is unknown, but it's assumed Wilkins didn't know of Ginny as Henrietta raise Ginny during war time. Henrietta told Ginny that Gerald would spout about killing Nazis and continuing the job. After America lost the war to the Nazis, Ginny would become a resistance fighter and become skilled in engineering and mechanics.

The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins[edit | edit source]

In 1961, Gerald's best friend Clive Cross came to Ginny and told her Gerald was in Alaska trying to stop the Nazis from using the Sonnengewehr. Upon meeting her father, Cross killed the Nazis who had him at gunpoint and saved his life. Ginny hid her identity and said her name was Ginny Williams, and she would be his radio contact on the mission.

Her interactions with Gerald show her strong distaste for Gerald's enthusiasm on killing Nazis, making the captain wonder who taught her manners. Destroying the first gun, Ginny asks the captain to check on Clive as they haven't heard from him. Gerald states that Clive works in the shadows and goes on a rant about how he wants the Nazis to know who killed him, but Ginny tells him to look for Cross and radios out, befuddling the captain.

Ginny learned that Clive was Nazi spy and warned Gerald, whom just learned after he tried to kill him at the second gun base. Asking for Cross' location, Ginny informed that he was at the Super Cannon and was going to fire it at her. Cross threatens to kill Ginny if Gerald doesn't surrender, but the captain had planted a grenade inside the ammo, causing the Super Cannon base to crumble. Ginny caught up to Gerald after he executed Cross for his betrayal, asking was he ready to finish the mission. Responding on that he always was ready to kill Nazis, Ginny became disgusted and asked is it always about killing. Ginny revealed that she was his daughter and continued the mission to the sub where Wolfgang Schwarz was held.

Before Gerald entered the sub, Ginny asked him to be careful as half of the Nazi army was down there. While her father fought Nazis in the sub, Ginny took out all satellites dishes in the area, stopping the sun gun. Informing her father who surrendered to Schwarz on shooting the gun at Ginny, Gerald killed the Nazi and returned to Ginny. The two reunite and Ginny tells him that make a good team as the two continued to fight against the Nazis.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"If I were her age I woulda been decked for talking like that to a superior. Her dad shoulda taught her some manners."
―Gerald Wilkins in Volume 2.[src]

Ginny has a strong moral compass, disliking her father's enthusiasm on killing and murdering Nazis. Despite her dislike of killing, she is seen armed with a weapon when saving her father at the end of Volume 1, implying she kills when it's only necessary or was holding one in case. Being tech heavy, she would joke with her father's lack of experience with technology, notably calling him out if the player shoots the missile without aiming it at the first gun. In addition, she would become foul-mouthed if angered, notably swearing at her father when he spouted on killing Nazis, or cursing Cross on his betrayal. Despite this, she cared for her father, asking him to be safe when going into the Nazi sub and hugged him after he killed Schwarz.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Great to see you, cap. Time to bring you up to speed. This young lady managed to find both me and you, this is Ginny Wil-"
"Williams. Ginny Williams. Pleased to meet you, Captain. I've heard a lot about you."
"Y-yeah, pleasure. How'd you find us, anyway?"
"Don't have time to explain. We've got a job to do. There isn't much intel on this "Sun Gun", but we know its bad. Think "Der Bestrafer" multiplied by a thousand. General Schwarz is hosting a party on his private U-Boat where he plans on firing it for the first time."
"Say no more. Nazi death weapon built by Nazis, run by Nazis and about to be covered in dead Nazis.
―Clive, Ginny and Gerald in Volume 2.[src]
"I take it you've made it to the station?"
"Armed and ready. Ready to kill some Nazis."
"Is everything about killing with you? Cross said he's in position. Hurry up. Out."
"If I were her age I woulda been decked for talking like that to a superior. Her dad shoulda taught her some manners.
―Ginny and Gerald in Volume 2.[src]
"Sounds like you're done over there, Captain."
"That gun is gone. Any word from Cross."
"Still nothing and that gun is still intact. You might need to check on him."
"Clive works in the shadows. Never cared for that. I want the Nazis to look the man that killed them in the eyes and-"
"That's enough gory details for me, Captain. Head that way and if Cross couldn't use some help. Ginny out."
"I want them to know-"
"Ginny out."
"She hung up on me?
―Ginny and Gerald after destroying the first gun.[src]
"Captain, come in! Clive's a traitor!"
"Yeah, he's just tried to kill me."
"I had no idea. He came to me saying he knew where I could find you and I trusted that fucking traitor..."
"Calm down, where are you now? Where can I find Cross?"
"He's in the Super Cannon and he's gonna fire it at me! We need to take that thing out!
―Ginny and Gerald after Clive's betrayal.[src]
"Captain, come in, Captain!"
"It's Cross, he's-"
"Cross is what? God dammit, I'll be there soon!
―Ginny and Gerald in Volume 2.[src]
"Captain, we need to hurry. Cross is gonna shot that gun any minute!"
"I'll see what I can do. I'll have to...improvise.
―Ginny and Gerald at the end of Volume 2.[src]
"We can still make it to the sub from here and stop the launch of the Sonnengengewehr. Are you sure you up for it?"
"Are you kidding me? I'm always up for killing Nazis!"
"Jesus! Do you always have to be that way? Is it always killing and murder with you?"
"What do you think this is? We're at war!"
"Geez. Mom was right about you. Always spouting your "I've got a job to do and I'm gonna do it and shoot and kill" bullshit."
"Listen! I've been fighting for 20 goddamn years and...w-wait, your mom?"
"Yes, you idiot, my mom. Henrietta. I'm your daughter you stupid son of a bitch!"
―Ginny reveals to Gerald that she's his daughter at the end of Volume 2.[src]
"You know what you've gotta do in there, just...come back. There's still a lot we need to talk about."
"Yeah...Yeah. I'd like that."
"And be careful, okay? You'll be trapped down there with half of the German army."
"That's where your wrong, Ginny. I'm not trapped down with them. They're trapped in there with me.
―Ginny and Gerald before he enters the U-Boat.[src]
"Are you inside?"
"What the hell! Get out of my head, specter!"
"It's a portable radio. How old are you?"
"This dumb thing? I thought it was to keep water out of my ears."
"You put them on under water?! Whatever. I found some blueprints on the base. If you keep moving forward, you'll run into the bulk of the enemy forces."
"That suits me just fine. I need to feast on some-"
"That's stupid. There are maintenance hatchets nearby and you can avoid them. Take those."
―Ginny and Gerald Wilkins in Volume 3.[src]
"What did I just tell you about fighting down there?"
"Hey, I had no choice! I didn't even want to fight, I swear!"
"Nah it was great."
"From there, you can directly access the barracks. Try not to make too much noise, Captain?"
"Sure. And Ginny? Can you call me...dad?"
"I'll think about it.
―Ginny and Gerald after the second room.[src]
"Dad, come in. It took a while but I took out all the satellites dishes in the area. I don't think they can contact space from there anymore."
"You're saying he can't fire the Sun Gun and I can tear this motherfucker apart?"
"Yes, sir. Give'em Hell."
"Roger that.
―Gerald and Ginny at the end of Volume 3.[src]
"Dad, you did it! Welcome back."
"Y-Yeah. Mission complete. You didn't do too bad yourself."
"I think we did great. You know, dad, I think we make a pretty good team. Think you got another fight left in you?
―Ginny and Gerald Wilkins at the end of Volume 3.[src]

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  • Ginny bears some resemblance to her mother Henrietta as shown in the opening cutscene of Volume 3.
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