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The Global Resistance is an organization that was established in the liberated United States to fight against Nazi Germany all over the world and liberate any country under the Reich's control.


The organization was founded in 1961 following the events of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus after the American Resistance, led by B.J. Blazkowicz, ignited the Second American Revolution against the Nazi forces occupying the United States.

By 1980, the Global Resistance have managed to successfully liberate every continent except Europe, which is still tightly gripped by the Nazis. Based on conversations between Jess, Sophia and Abby, as well as letter by a German officer, the Global Resistance has since stagnated and in-fighting has developed within its members to such an extent that many military officers (with subtle implication that it has become official Reich policy) are actively preparing to retake their lost territories both on Earth and beyond.

In the aftermath of the Paris Uprising, the death of Lothar Brandt and the Fourth Reich's coup, as well as warnings by BJ, Anya and Grace Walker of the Fourth Reich's plans, it's speculated that the Global Resistance will begin preparations to destroy the Reich once and for all.