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The Hand Grenade is a throwable explosive weapon available in Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


These are standard-issue German hand grenades that can be collected from fallen enemies or from preset locations on the map. These explosive devices can be thrown quickly by pressing the grenade key (default "G"), or equipped to manually aim to ensure they hit what they are intended for. Their explosive power is quite powerful, capable of effectively taking out small groups of entrenched enemy soldiers and injuring heavier enemies, as well as flushing them out from cover into the line of fire. Occasionally an enemy can be seen prepping a grenade to throw at the player, these soldiers can be shot to make them drop their explosives, potentially killing them and others in the ensuing explosion.

Careful use of grenades must be exercised at all times, however, as a carelessly thrown explosive may severely damage Blazkowicz if he is caught in the blast (though a specific perk can remedy this), and the fact that by default the player can only carry three at most, reckless usage can lead to shortage later on.

In The New Order, these grenades are only seen in the prologue, being replaced entirely by their modernized counterparts after the timeskip.


Perk Upgrades[]

The New Order perks[]

  • Throwback: Enables Blazkowicz to pickup and throw back live grenades by pressing the interaction key. Both friendly and enemy grenades can be thrown back.
  • Grenade pouch + and ++: Increases Blazkowicz's maximum grenade capacity by a total of two.
  • Bullseye: Causes thrown grenades to explode upon impact with an enemy.
  • Vaporize: Increases grenade blast radius.
  • Sentinel: Reduces damage taken from the player's own grenade explosions.
  • Hardened: Reduces damage taken from enemy grenade explosions.

The Old Blood perks[]

  • Grenade belt: Increases Blazkowicz's maximum grenade capacity by a total of two.


  • The Hand Grenade is modeled after the Model 24 Stielhandgranate a.k.a. "potato masher".
  • During the prologue, there is an instance during which Private Probst Wyatt III uses a Hand Grenade to distract a Panzerhund by using it to play fetch with the mechanical beast. The event was specifically scripted, and as a result the other Panzerhunds encountered later on cannot be fooled by throwing a grenade near them.