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"High explosive grenade."
―The description for the Handgranate.[src]

Handgranate (lit. "Hand Grenade") is hand grenade used by the Nazis in the New Colossus and Youngblood. Unlike the stick grenade design in the New Order, the handgranate is designed based on American grenade and can be upgraded with upgrade kit. Unlike the previous games, handgranate are sometimes hard to find, but are usually at ammo deposits (open green crates) through the game.


  • Fragmentation: the grenade will spread high-velocity metal fragments upon explode to shred enemies to pieces.
  • Diesel: create a large radius of fire that burns nearby enemies.
  • Electromagnetic: create large electromagnetic field that can disable nearby electronic devices for a short period of time.


  • If you know where grenades are through the game, then you can use them freely. If not, hold onto the grenades and use only on occasions.
  • Handgranate's are useful for clearing a large group of soldiers.
  • A flaw of the grenades is that they are bouncy and often don't kill soldiers. They can also return back to the player if thrown on rolling land.
  • It's good to return enemy grenades if the player has breathing room, examples are on the Ausmerzer in the second Commander section or in the courthouse section. If you don't have time to throw it back, then run away and return to your position.
  • The electromagnetic grenade is the most useful upgrade, as it can stun robotic soldiers and allow the player to destroy them.
  • In Youngblood, they no longer are bouncy, and can wreck a group of enemies.


The New Colossus[]