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Hans Grösse (aka Hans Grosse) is a Nazi veteran. He is known for having the most 'encounters' with B.J. Blazkowicz, more than any other character in the series.


Wolfenstein 3D series[]

Hans comes from a large family with one sister Gretel, and many brothers.[1]

He is large, and while not very smart, is still a powerful Nazi enforcer. He is a member of the Grösse family which comprises his brothers Trans, Mans, Pans, Fans, and sister Gretel; they all seem share an affinity for heavy body armor and dual chain guns.

In the Mac version of the game, the game is split into 3 parts, 1st Encounter (which takes place at, and 2nd Encounter, and 3rd Encounter. Hans is a boss in all three. He is the last boss of First Encounter (Which takes place at Castle Wolfenstein), and First boss of both 2nd and 3rd encounters. He is also a boss of Episode 2, Level 8. This means Hans has been defeated 3-4 times in the classic series, and a fourth when counting Wolfenstein 2009. 1st and 2nd Encounter are merged in the 3D0 "Original Encounter".

These were Hans original encounters with B.J. he would later encounter him again in Isenstadt.

There may have been yet another encounter following Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein (2009) as chronicled in Tides of Darkness ("Second Campaign") and Wolfenstein 3D Classic (although these may just be adaptations of 3rd Encounter, but its been set chronologically before RTCW, and after RTCW at the end of the war). At least one attempt on Hans occurred before RTCW, and this was likely 1st and/or 2nd Encounter.

In the Mac Family, he has more wrinkles on his face, and a deeper and throatier voice making him seem more evil. His armor is also slightly different.

Original Encounter[]

1st Encounter[]

B.J. defeats Hans for the first time during an escape from Castle Wolfenstein.

2nd Encounter[]

After William "B.J." Blazkowicz served the allies well as their top operative, and one-man army. They send him in to infiltrate Nazi Germany, in an attempt to defeat the Fuhrer's SS fanatics.

His first task was to eliminate Hans Grosse, Hitler's most ruthless commando. He and his team were based in a castle outside of Dresden. He was ordered to wade through his stormtroopers to reach him.[2]

3rd Encounter[]

B.J. 3rd encounter with Hans in an attempt to escape from Castle Wolfenstein.

He appears as a regular enemy in E2L8 and E6L10. In E2L8, he will only be found in the secret pushwall maze, while E6L10 is a secret level where you fight three 'brothers' of his (Mans, Pans, and Fans Grösse, bosses of the Episode Six, Secret Floor, in Wolfenstein 3D), each one placed in a different room. In E6L10, you only need to kill one of the clones in order to exit the level.


An imposing and ruthless German engineer who is admired by his fellow comrades.

Hans Grosse was Deathshead's personal bodyguard and a loyal Nazi.

Hans Grosse Wolf2009 GN

Hans Grosse just before he is defeated for the first time in Castle Wolfenstein.

He was once put in charge of Castle Wolfenstein, and was incapacitated by the escaped B.J. Blazkowicz who stabbed him in the back and gave him cervical fracture to the neck. He however later recovered (it does not appear they met face to face during that period, and at the time B.J. had 'blonde' hair according to the Krieges, and German records). (Note: this may have actually been his 1st or second encounter with Hans Grosse, see Original Encounter. Note: The Nightmare! memory levels in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood cover the event much in the same way as the original Wolf 3D).

He demonstrates prodigious strength and resilience during a brawl at an Isenstadt tavern. After witnessing a drunk civilian punch a Nazi soldier unconscious, Hans steps in and challenges him to a fight. Though the civilian fights with all his strength, Hans shrugs off his blows and defeats the man with one punch to the face. Satisfied, Hans leaves the tavern, not realizing he brushed past B.J. Blazkowicz (who was wearing civilian or prison uniform disguise at the time).

Hans is seen again holding Kreisau Circle leader Caroline Becker hostage alongside Deathshead in a castle. Strasse orders Hans to shoot Blazkowicz. Caroline tries to free herself and wrestle the gun out of her captor's hands, but Hans shoots her instead of Blazkowicz (failing Strasse's order). Hans and Deathshead escape while Blazkowicz is left to deal with a monstrous being known as the Queen Geist.

During the battle on the zeppelin, Hans executes the traitorous leader of the Golden Dawn, Dr. Leonid Alexandrov, having no more purpose for the man. He then enters the Black Sun Dimension with Deathshead and dons a suit of armor equipped with dual rocket launchers, that also act like dual chainguns strangely, and a similar Thule Medallion. Strasse orders Grosse to kill Blazkowicz again, and this time not to fail him. Using his newfound weapons, Hans eagerly challenges Blazkowicz to a duel. After a prolonged fight, Blazkowicz destroys his foe's medallion, electrocuting Hans to death. His body is then lost when the Black Sun Dimension destabilizes. As B.J. escapes, Hans' final words are "You can't win! DO YOU HEAR ME? YOU. CAN'T. WIN!"

Wolfenstein 3D Classic[]

Set c. February 1945. This is either a retelling of 3rd Encounter (Wolfenstein 3D PC), or 'Second Campaign" after "RTCW: Tides of War".

MachineGames series[]

The New Order[]

He is mentioned twice first in the character background card for Caroline, and then mentioned by Caroline when she recalled of the event of punching him in the face before she being paralyzed. In particular specific details related to supernatural were left out.

The MachineGames series is a reboot of the series inspired by some of the older material, but taking its own direction. Very little of Wolfenstein was utilized as part of plot of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

"...we asked him if the last Activision Wolfenstein game had any baring on their version to which he replied, "No it does not. We try not to include that game as part of our story. Personally, I think that Activision did a crap job." [1].

The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order uses the original proper spelling of "Hans Grösse" in Caroline's biography.

The Old Blood/Nightmare[]

Hans Grosse in his Wolfenstein 3D version also appears the nightmare flashbacks in The Old Blood, and the events of Wolfenstein 3D are referenced in a newspaper.

He appears in an adaptation of the Episode 1/Floor 9 in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood from Wolfenstein 3D/3rd Encounter. The battle is largely the same, except that B.J. has access to features from modern first person shooters such as jumping, mouselook/free aiming, the ability to lean, and ability to duel wield weapons against him (fighting him much the same way he fights B.J.). A newspaper article titled Castle Wolfenstein Assassin Executed, is a reference to events taking place after this, and B.J.'s attempt on Hitler's life.


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