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"Men. I will be in my office, preparing important documents for General Dunkel. Be on the lookout for any suspicious terrorist activities. And would someone please bring me a cup of tea and a ham sandwich? Heil Hitler!"
―Hans Stiglitz on speaker (spoken in German).[src]

Übercommander Hans Stiglitz is the tertiary antagonist of the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus DLC The Diaries of Agent Silent Death and is Silent Death's first target.

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus[]

Gestapo officer, Stiglitz is the man who tortured the British agent Jack Valiant, whom he committed the most brutal torture methods that even shocked his own guards. Jessica Valiant goes after him first and sneaks into a Gestapo office in Sacramento, California. He is often heard complaining to soldiers for not bringing him a ham sandwich and a cup of tea, as well as yelling at them for looking at the documents in his office.

However, the night before the assassination, apparently Stiglitz, had a nightmare of Jessica Valiant coming to kill him, while he was paralyzed in bed, and could only watch as she slit his throat. This caused him to be paranoid, and correctly believing that she was coming to kill him, for torturing her husband. He was so shocked by the nightmare, he even contacted general Dunkel, and informed him of the circumstances of the dream.

Silent Death locates him in his office and kills him, after the phone call to Dunkel, her next target was Chuck Lorentz. However, Stiglitz had effectively warned Dunkel, that Silent Death was going to kill him soon after.

Personality and Relationships[]

Stiglitz was considered a brutal, sadistic Nazi whose actions, and torture methods caused even his own men to question his methods, as well as disagree with his actions on when shouting at them. His relationship with Dunkel seems to be rather close as they both kept in communication, as well as seem well to remember one another. While Chuck seems to be under his protection, it is clear Chuck only befriended him, to further his career.

However a letter found by Agent Jessica, revels he enjoyed camping with his family in the woods, and seems to reflect he was rather close with them.

His constant yelling about wanting a ham sandwich indicates that his patience is not inexhaustible.