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"This woman is my life. You understand? My everything."
―Bubi speaking to B.J. after ambushing him and drugging him.[src]

Untersturmführer Hans "Bubi" Winkle is the "lovely companion" of Irene Engel and the tertiary antagonist of Wolfenstein: The New Order. He works with Irene Engel at Camp Belica as her personal bodyguard and right-hand man.


Hans Winkle was born on December 6, 1933. Also affectionately called by Irene Engel as "Bubi”. He comes from a family of academics. His father is a doctor and his mother is a biologist.

The New Order[]

Bubi is first seen on the night train to Berlin with Irene. He isn't seen again until B.J. enters Camp Belica, and he convinces Irene to let B.J. work with the cement mixers in the camp. He appears again in a cutscene after B.J. is discovered in the Camp's HQ trying to steal a battery for Set Roth. Bubi and Irene both recognize him from the night train. Bubi was involved in the execution of B.J. and the other prisoners. Herr Faust was meant to kill the prisoners as well as B.J., but wounds Irene in the face; Roth and B.J finish to escape together.

Bubi's final appearance is when B.J. returns to Deathshead's compound. Bubi had joined Deathshead for an unknown reason but he finished to await B.J. to climb a ladder in a laboratory, then throws himself on top of B.J and incapacitates him by injecting him with a shot of Tetanospasmin. B.J. then wakes up, struggling with the effects of the toxins that he was injected with. Frau Engel then appears on a monitor behind Bubi, as Bubi tells her that he has a "gift" for her. He then drags B.J. over in front of the monitor and shows him to Irene, then much to her delight, stabs B.J. with a knife. B.J. then fights back, biting Bubi on the side of the neck, and Bubi falls to the ground in shock and pain, saying he injected B.J. with enough toxins to "paralyze an elephant". B.J. may then stab Bubi in the side of the skull and then under the chin, killing him instantly as Irene watches in horror, or leave him alone. If the latter option is chosen and player waits for a while, Bubi will bleed out from his wound.




  • "Bubi" was the nickname for Luftwaffe fighter ace Erich Hartmann, who, with 352 confirmed kills, is the highest-scoring fighter ace in history. Like Bubi in the game, Hartmann was also a blonde.
  • Judging by his collar insignia, he is an SS-Untersturmführer (SS-Junior assault leader/equivalent to second lieutenant).
  • Though he was born in Berlin, he speaks with a distinctive Austrian accent. This is because his portrayer Thomas Mikusz is Austrian.
  • After biting Bubi, it is possible to take out one of your weapons and kill him instead of killing him with your knife. Bubi will always die with one shot anywhere on his body, with any weapon. You can even make him explode by shooting him with akimbo AR Marksmans.
  • He appears to be afraid of the sight and the smell of blood, as he opts to not watch the execution in Camp Belica and while ambushing B.J. in Deathshead's compound he states that the smell of blood sickens him.
    • Despite this, Bubi appears to have no troubles violently torturing B.J. with a knife as Frau Engel in Deathshead's compound. It is possible that his hatred for Blazkowicz as an enemy surpasses his distaste for blood and violence.
  • Bubi's ambush is scripted and unavoidable.
  • The real name (Hans) and the nickname (Bubi) is a direct reference to the film Die Hard, in which one of the office workers named Harry Ellis (Hart Bochner) is negotiating with Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), Ellis calls Hans Bubi. The part where Ellis calls Hans "Bubi" was completely improvised by Bochner.
  • It is possible to kill Bubi with other means than the knife take down. Blazkowicz can use any weapons in his arsenal to kill him, or he can leave him to die from the neck bite he gave Bubi.
  • "Bubi" is the diminutive of the word "Bube" which in old german means "Boy".