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Hans von Schlieffen
Animated The Axe.gif
Animated Mac The Axe.gif
HP 1050/1150/1250/1400[1]
Points 5000
Wake None
Weapon Dual Chainguns

Major Hans "The Axe" von Schlieffen (often referred to as simply The Axe) is the third boss of the mission packs of Spear of Destiny. He is the one that stole the Spear from America and brought it back to Germany. He is the best of the best of Hitler's elite forces. His extreme speed and dual Chainguns make him the most dangerous foe that you will encounter. He wears armor similar to that used by the Grösse family and the Death Knight, completed with a skull-like mask.


Be aware that The Axe will likely wake up and run towards you before you can see him. Take out the enemies in his room ASAP so that you won't be dealing with them when The Axe suddenly appears.

Fighting The Axe will be a lot like a game of Cat and Mouse, with him as the cat. His extreme speed will allow him to catch up to you in seconds. In order to stand a chance, you must be constantly running (default key: Left Shift). Otherwise, he'll easily outrun you.

The best way to take him out is to have him follow you, then walk backwards and fire. Make sure there's a small to medium distance between you and him so that most of your bullets hit him and do a good amount of damage. However, The Axe WILL try to flank you, so don't be surprised if he makes a sudden turn to the left or right. When he does try to flank you, turn towards where he went, then wait for him and fire.

The Axe's skull will glow green for a split-second when he's ready to fire, so be prepared for an attack soon after.

If you need to grab supplies, keep running backwards. Doing so will allow you to keep track of The Axe's movements so that you won't be suddenly surprised by him.


  • Besides being a member of Nazi special force, Hans von Schlieffen appears to be a cyborg: when he dies, a mechanism breaking sound is heard, and his blood is very similar to that of a mutant, suggesting him being modified by drugs and/or machines.
  • His name may be a corruption of schleifen, German for "to whet" or to sharpen by rubbing on a stone, as would be done to an axe. Alternatively, it may come from the Schlieffen plan, a German tactic used to catch Russia off guard, by eliminating France first and then turning back on the Russians.
  • His backstory is covered in the Spear of Destiny hintbook.
  • Hans von Schlieffen is extremely fast, fast enough to outrun the Übermutant.


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