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Higgs is a character in Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Higgs is a British Army officer working with the OSA. He is an advisor to the Director. Higgs possesses a dry sense of humor, and is generally less than delighted to find out the Nazis have so many terrifying tricks up their sleeves.


Higgs only appears in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


  • While he is not actually named in the game, one can find his textures and source files under a folder titled "Higgs".
  • He is also listed as Higgs in the manual credits for Tides of War.
  • He appears to have a personality and appearance similar to General Bernard Montgomery.
  • His American counterpart, Murphy, another adviser to the OSA Director, is a major general in the U.S. Army as indicated by the two stars on each of his shoulders. Since Higgs occupies an identical position and role to Murphy, it is likely he holds similar rank in the British Army, which is also major general.