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Hollywood's Uberconcrete cityscape with the Ausmerzer tethered to the Media Tower.png

Hollywood is a city within the greater Los Angeles area in southern California. In the first portion of the 20th Century Hollywood was the media capital of the United States.


During World War II, the people of Hollywood contributed to the war effort by sponsoring films, television, and radio in support of American forces in Europe. Upon the surrender of the U.S. in 1948, the Nazis quickly occupied Los Angeles and destroyed Hollywood beyond recognition. They purged the previous culture of the classical studios and reformed the entertainment industry into their image. By 1961 the Nazis had constructed a massive skyscraper which they called the Media Tower, accompanied by a new cityscape and highways, all forged from Uberconcrete. Hollywood served to generate and distribute Nazi propaganda across occupied North America. Bastardized versions of 1950s American dramas, comedies, game shows, and talk shows were filmed and broadcast to brainwash the Americans and force their capitulation to the new order. When the Nazi's rule over America officially ended, so did their propaganda presence. After the second American revolution, the Media Tower was soon demolished and its former location is reconstructed into flats (Apartments).


After the Second American Revolution, Nuemond records leftover equipment is now used by the now revived Hollywood industries.