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"The Kraut with the monocle was Wilhelm Strasse also known as Deathshead. A brilliant scientist who heads up Himmler's special project division."
―Jack's description of Deathshead.[src]

Jack Stone is the OSA Director's trusted assistant.


An American with a keen mind and a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of the German war-machine. His advice is heeded by the highest officials, and he is responsible for collating much of the information that comes into the OSA.[1]


Jack appears in Return to Castle Wolfenstein . In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, he appears in the opening cutscenes of almost all the missions (referred to "Jack" or "Jack Stone" during mission briefings/in-game text, and the strategy guide), briefing the US and UK Generals as well as the OSA Director.


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Behind the scenes[]

  • His full name Jack Stone appears in the RTCW strategy guide, and in one reference in B.J's notebook in the game.
    • The last name "Stone" may be a reference to Blake Stone, a character in Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Apogee's followup to Wolfenstein 3D set in the distant future.
  • Jack Straw a similar individual appears in Wolfenstein 2009.
  • Gordon (full name unknown) appears to take the place of Jack Stone for the purpose of 1946 events in The New Order.


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