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"My word, look at that handsome bloke. OSA Secret Agent Jack Valiant. Super spy for the British Empire. The Queen's greatest asset."
―Jessica Valiant in the opening of Volume 1.[src]

Jack Valiant is one of the top British spy of the OSA agency, along with his wife Jessica Valiant.

The duo was famous for their exploits during WW2 against the Nazis. Unfortunately, Jack was betrayed by his treacherous ally, Chuck Lorentz and forced to buy time for his wife to escape. Afterward, he was tortured by Übercommander Hans Stiglitz and later executed by the infamous General Gerhardt Dunkel, leaving Jessica in a depressed state in hiding. Jessica hid in Brazil for a long time, drinking her sorrows away, and sleeping with random men.

Jack's death were avenged by Jessica due to the aid of the Crimson Bulldog, who gave her the names of Stiglitz, Lorentz, and Dunkel. Despite feeling empty after the assassinations, she decided to fight with the resistance to put an end to the Nazi's rule.



  • Jack Valiant is modeled after James Bonds.
    • In the opening of Volume 3, the movie poster has a male character that resembles him.