Gold Rush[edit | edit source]

The Jagdpanther (No. 181) is the vehicle that the allied forces have to escort to the bank in Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory. The Jagdpanther (No. 181) is the first of two escorted vehicles in the map, with the escape truck being second. While it isn't player-controlled, it's escorted and a player can sit in the commander's turret and control the MG located on the cupola. This helps when preventing axis forces from coming close to the tank. The tank is easily stopped by built traps by Axis forces and can also be slowly weakend with grenades, panzerfausts, dynamite and C4.

Stratergies[edit | edit source]

A common stratergy is to stay behind the tank and crouch when on the bridge to repair the tank and avoid MG fire from two MG mounts on both sides of the bridge. This prevents the player from being damaged except on the occasion an Axis counterattack occurs from behind.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The map "Gold Rush" is the last map to take place on the last clan battle which was streamed live on twitch. (Sadly, the stream is apparently lost on twitch.)
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