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"You still love me, don't you, Lothar?"
―Julie, afraid that Lothar will kill her for ruining his plans.[src]

Julie Brandt also known as Juju Desjardins in her guise, or The Blackbird is the secondary antagonist of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. She is a member of the Fourth Reich and wife of General Lothar Brandt. Julie was responsible for the distress signal that prompted B.J Blazkowicz to travel to France, resulting in his capture by Nazi forces.


Julie Brandt used to be a French aristocrat until she betrayed her people to the Nazis. She would meet and marry General Lothar Brandt in 1957, and the two would participate in an attempt to start their own Reich. According to Abby, they would attack the resistance, and capture its original leader, Emmanuel. Julie tortured Emmanuel to make Lothar happy, indicating that she had gain his loyalty.

After Lothar was injured when the Nazis attacked in his penthouse in Siegturm, the two hid in the Paris Underground, and came into contact with the resistance, and hid their identities so they could plan to find a way to control the towers of each area, and take over Berlin and Neu-Paris.

It is revealed that BJ came to her to find a clue to search for a powerful Da'at Yichud artifact in Paris, before she captured him she revealed herself to be double agent working for her husband. However, B.J. states that he saw through her lies, and decided to infiltrate Lab X to find anything on how to stop the apocalypse.

Julie makes her first appearance under the guise of Juju in Wolfenstein: Youngblood offering Jessie "Jes" and Zofia "Soph" Blazkowicz assistance in finding their father while they attempt to topple the Nazi Regime in France. Julie sends the twins to kill General Winkler, a high-ranking official as a test of their abilities as well as removing a high ranking official in the region.

After Winkler's death, Brandt ordered the girls to return to the catacombs, and informs them that they have to breach the Brothers, three different computer towers that are connect between Paris and Berlin, and have Abby hack into them by stealing the Überkommandants' keys to the main computers. Julie explains that by taking each tower, and killing each Überkommandant, they can find the location of Lab X and their father.

As the terror twins battle through each sector of Paris, Julie will comment on how they are living up to their father's words. Julie and Lothar decide to eliminate the Twins and Abby by poisoning their wine, and have the resistance leave to be captured. During this time, Abby was encrypting a conversation that Lothar had with his second-in-command, General Messer, where he speaks of the Ascension and the Fourth Reich.

Upon decrypting the message, Abby sees the picture of Lothar on her monitor, and realizes "Jacques" and "Juju" are Nazis. She uses her microphone to hear their plan to spike their wine with sedatives, and kill them before telling the other resistance members to leave (falsely telling them to prepare to take Lab X). Abby tells the twin by using a reference of their favorite novel, informing them that "Something's afoot with the baroness' goose."

Julie and Lothar's plan are thwarted by the twins and Abby, but the couple succeed in fighting off the twins, stabbing Abby in the eye before being knocked back. Julie and Lothar decide to escape to the Siegturm as she believes the twins can't stop them. Upon arriving at the Siegturm, Lothar orders Messler to begin his attack on the resistance.

As the plan begins to fall apart, Lothar criticizes Julie due to her failing to drug the girls, and feels humiliated by being outsmarted by "three degenerate teenaged girls" much to Julie's confusion. After Lothar holds her at gunpoint, he orders Julie to stand in front of the door as the Twins successfully gain entry into Siegturm, despite her questioning if it's safe. Julie is killed while trying to ambush the Twins at the elevator doors as Zofia blasted the doors open, crushing her head and killing her instantly from the impact.


  • Juju
  • Juju Desjardins - Disguise
  • The Blackbird
  • Darling - by Lothar
  • Ma'am - by Jess Blazkowicz.
  • The Brandt's - with Lothar, by B.J. Blazkowicz.


―Julie's first words in Youngblood.[src]
"So you girls are sisters, correct?"
"Twin sisters."
"And daughters of the famous Captain Blazkowicz himself?"
"Except for Abby here. She's a friend of the family."
"We know he was here, ma'am."
"He came here looking for something. And then he helped us fight the Nazis, and suddenly he was gone.
―Julie, Zofia, and Jess in the catacombs.[src]
"Some more ether if you please, Jacques."
"You have antibiotics, Jacques?"
"Ah, poor Jacques, he's a mute. Why do you want antibiotics?"
"he's got peritonitis."
Oh, and how do you know this?"
"Swollen abdomen. Rapid breathing. His peritoneum is inflamed which will eventually lead to sepsis and death. He needs antibiotics."
"Oh, you come over here. You help."
"I'm cool.
―Julie and Abby, foreshadowing Julie's incompetence.[src]
"Ma'am, please."
"Everyone calls me Juju"
"Will you help us find him, Juju?"
"You wearing power suits?"
"We don't have anything like this here. Can you handle a gun?"
"Damn straight."
"Have you ever killed Nazis before"
"Listen, ma'am. We were born to kill Nazis."
"You here that, Jacques? "Born to kill Nazis."
―Julie and the twins on if they are prepared.[src]
"Very well then. I may have an assignment suitable for two Nazi killers such as yourselves. After the previous General Lothar Brandt was ousted from power by Berlin they sent in a new General to fight the Paris uprising. This General is located in a zeppelin called "The Nachtfalter". Kill him first, then we may proceed with finding your father."
―Julie giving the twins the mission to kill General Winkler.[src]
"Abby, chérie. I need you and the girls over in the common room."
―Julie to Abby, planning to spike their drinks.[src]
"You girls. You have done a wonderful thing. We are celebrating. Now we have control over the towers, I have sent the others on a mission to prepare the way for us in Lab X."
"I just want to go find our dad."
"Of course, of course. But first, we have to drink! To Captain Blazkowicz!"
―Julie, Jess, Zofia, and Abby before the confrontation.[src]
"Bon. Sit down please. Drink. So, with the main computers of all the Nazi towers hacked, we have complete control over the information flow between Paris and Berlin... Worked faster than I thought."
―Julie revealing herself while the trio falsely fall asleep.[src]
"Lothar, my dear. It's time."
"The degenerates are asleep?"
"Are you ready to shake up the establishment in Berlin, my darling?"
"Reshape the vision of our Deadly Departed Leader and create a Fourth Reich. Ascend to the skies and create a new world above the clouds."
"Heil the Fourth Reich.
―Julie and Lothar gloating.[src]
"You sure they are sleeping?"
"Of course! Look - merci girls. Thank you for all your help! Give young girls wine, cigarettes, and adventure, they will believe anything."
"Okay, enough this. The Führer's doomsday clock is ticking. We have to get back inside Lab X and prepare our organization for the Berlin takeover. Let's get this over with. Pull her head back. What a wonderful feeling. To extinguish the blood line of Terror Billy.
―Lothar and Julie gloating, preparing to kill Zofia.[src]
"You were asleep!"
―Julie to Abby before stabbing the latter in the eye.[src]
"Leave them, darling! We have to take back the Siegturm. Mobilize our allies in Berlin."
―Julie to Lothar before escaping.[src]
"Feels so good to be back here."
"I trusted you Julie."
You were suppose to ensure they were drugged and you failed."
"We made it, did we not, darling?"
"Have any idea how humiliating that was? Being outsmarted by three degenerate teenaged girls."
Lothar, please-"
"Fooling those spoiled bitches was the only way to get rid of the General and the Überkommandants and get back Lab X. I worked so long to realize my dream. And just as we close in on the finish line, you almost run everything."
"How could I-"
"Shut up!"
"You still love me, don't you, Lothar?"
"What do you think?"
"No, no, no, no.
―Julie and Lothar in Siegturm.[src]
"The Blazkowicz sisters are coming."
"Get in front of the door."
"Is it safe?"
"I'll back you up."
"But I-"
"Stand in front of the fucking door!
―Julie's final conversation with Lothar before her death.[src]



  • Her character model mostly resembles Lady Helene Winter from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.
    • She is somewhat similar to the character, as both have an interaction with a Blazkowicz, and live in fear of the main antagonist (Hitler to Lady Helen, and Lothar to Julie).
  • She is also similar to Helga von Schabbs from The Old Blood:
    • Both are accidently killed (The Monstrosity critically injuring Helga, and Zofia blasting the elevator door, however, B.J. can kill Helga before collecting the folder).
  • Irene Engel is also similar to Julie:
    • Both are parents.
    • Both show themselves to be incompetent, and fail to kill a Blazkowicz (as Frau Engel got lucky that Rip Blazkowicz informed her that B.J. was at his estate).
    • Both are killed by a Blazkowicz, and is done so in a brutal way.
  • She is fluent in French, English, and German, often switching to each in her dialogue.
  • Unlike previous quest givers, she is a false ally and manipulates the twins to help her husband.
  • She is a smoker, and teaches the twins how to smoke.
  • She is stationed in the medical section of the catacombs before finishing all the three towers.
  • Despite not wearing a powered suit, she was capable of knocking out Jess and Soph, and attacking Abby during the failed trap.
  • Julie's incompetence is foreshadowing in her first cutscene, as she fails to see the wounded resistance member has peritonitis, meaning she isn't precise, careful, nor observant. This happens again when she fails to notice that the twins and Abby didn't drink the sedatives, as they fell asleep too quickly for the medicine to kick in. Even Lothar asks Julie if the girls are sleeping, as he shows disbelief that the sedatives would kick in that quickly.
    • Jess also correctly warns Zofia of them missing something, stating a "snake in the grass" after being tasked by Julie to take over the towers.
  • According to a letter from Julie that can be found in Lab X, Lothar has a Lab X Secretary.