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The Karl picture in Helga's book.

Karl is the radio operator for Castle Wolfenstein, and one of the officers stationed there and a minor character in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


Helga von Schabbs, after her break up with her previous lover, Reinhold, at unknown time started a new relationship, with Karl. At December 1945 they both had dinner together.[1]

The Old Blood[]

Karl appearance in Prologue.

Karl is seen in Prologue at the Castle Wolfenstein Station's booth when Blazkowicz is leaving a cable car. During B.J.'s arrival he is talking on the phone with Helga von Schabbs. She is telling him about the underground structure under the Wulfburg Church, and to bring some fuel for the Laderoboter and wine for her.

In Helga's Office after fight B.J. can pick-up one of the books on the shelf called "Der prähistorischen Siedlung von Britannien" and find in it the picture of almost naked man signed with drawn heart on the other side "Karl".


  • In the actual game he uses a standard Commander model, what is a little bit inaccurate when in the photo his look is somewhat different.