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"Blazkowicz, your target, Überkommandant Klaus Klinger, is somewhere inside the bunker. Get down there and erase that motherfucker. Grace out."
―Grace to B.J. on Klaus Klinger.[src]

Gruppenführer Klaus Klinger is a minor antagonist and enemy in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Before 1961[]

Klinger was a highly decorated officer, such that by 1961 he was considered to be among the circle of Übercommanders, the most senior members of the Nazi hierarchy in the American Territories. He led such operations as the Nainpur campaign in 1948-1950, the Purge of Haines Creek in 1955 and the assault on Greenwood in 1958. During his career he killed one notable resistance leader and captured five others. He was responsible for overseeing the training of Klansmen and other American Nazi sympathizers to provide additional manpower for the regime. He courted an American woman named Henrietta, writing a letter to her and buying her father a television set.


In July 1961, Klinger led troops to restore a nuclear bunker in Manhattan whose previous garrison had been wiped out. As a high-value target in an area subject to multiple recent terrorist attacks he was heavily guarded; however the resistance forces aboard the Eva's Hammer had intercepted a transmission detailing his deployment and the assassin sent after him was none other than William J. Blazkowicz himself, back from the dead. Klinger's troops proved to be no more capable of stopping Blazkowicz's rampage within the bunker than their predecessors and he would become the first of sixteen Übercommanders to meet their ends at the hands of Terror-Billy.


  • Klinger is the only Übercommander whom the player does not have to find by using the Enigma machine.
  • Klinger is wearing a different uniform in the form of a Wehrmacht general at a photo on the Killing Board.