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For the weapon from Wolfenstein 3D, see Knife (Wolf3D).

The Combat Knife is one of the melee weapons in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and is also the melee weapon in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.


At the very beginning of the game, the player spawns with only the Knife. It will continue to spawn in the player's inventory in every mission thereafter.

The Knife is usually used either for stealth kills, or to destroy breakable objects without wasting ammo. If you have to use it against an enemy, make sure that he's isolated, as other enemies will likely notice you stabbing your target and will open fire. However, you should only try this against regular Nazi troops, and on lower difficulties. Black Guards and non-human enemies will destroy you if you try to stab them to death. However, undead enemies can be fought if with good reflexes and movement, and the Knife is excellent during stealth due to its ability to silently kill via a back-stab. Successful back-stabs will always kill any human opponent in one hit (200 damage). This is extremely useful when trying to remain undetected, or whenever silent kills are necessary.

The knife does a slightly randomized damage (between 5 and 9 hit points) regardless of where hits connect.


The Knife is the standard melee weapon of both sides in MP and Enemy Territory.


Judging by its appearance, the knife is based off of the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife used by the Office of Strategic Services and British Commandos.