Abbot of Wulfburg Konrad was a priest and King Otto's scholar mentioned in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


He was one of the scholars who had worked with the Istanbul's parchments assumed to be from Da'at Yichud. He had once complained to King Otto about the parchments being incomplete about what king mentioned to the letter to him.

Otto commanded him in the previously mentioned letter to burn everything in the tunnels beneath the Wulfburg church and everything which can reveal what has taken place there as he considered the creations from the parchments as a work of devil. He told him to burn the map of the complex and if he couldn't kill The Monstrosity, to lock it in the inner vault. Also, he was authorized to burn the whole Wulfburg if he had to and the King send him couple of knights to help him in the task.

Konrad managed to do everything (except of burning the map) what Otto I had ordered him and as was written in the letter, returned to Paderborn where king rewarded him justly. The letter before the events of The Old Blood was translated from Old German by Gottfried Winkler for Helga von Schabbs.

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