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Laderoboter (Loading robot in German) is a robot found at the end of Chapter 6 and at the beginning of Chapter 7 in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


The Laderoboter (literally "Loading Robot") is a heavy bipedal vehicle with hydraulic traction which is designed for building and transport of heavy loads and used by Nazis in the Wulfburg excavation site.

In order to reach the Wulfburg cemetery, B.J. Blazkowicz takes control of the robot to burst open wooden gates of the cemetery and kill multiple shamblers throughout with its mechanical arms.

Wolfenstein The New Order[]

The Laderoboter is seen very shortly in the beginning of the level London Nautica; before Bobby drops you off you can see some working on the sidelines suggesting the were not scrapped in 1960 like other Nazi Robots.

Later, a named example of this robot, Herr Faust, is seen in Camp Belsen. Unlike others seen so far, Herr Faust is armed with several weapons, including a Chaingun, a Rocket Launcher, and a prenumatic spike which it uses to execute condemned prisoners.