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Laserflop displayed at the occupied street.

Laserflop is a data storage medium produced by the Nazi company Pflaumen seen in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The Laserflop disk is advertised as a "Fast and reliable" disk and likely comes in differing storage capacities, with the Supermax variant being advertised, apparently offering more storage capacity than the unmentioned standard variant. Pflaumen is listed as Laserflops developer & primary manufacturer.


  • Laserflop's may be a homage to the early optical disc format, along with the late 70's and early 80s trend towards the use of absurd laser based optical technology, such as laserfilm.
  • The product is implied to be a floptical disk system similar to the ones available in the early 1980s, These diskettes used a small laser to align the magnetic read/write head along with grooves ingrained in the disk. this would allow for large (at the time) amounts of data of up to 120 megabytes on some disks to be recorded in about the same amount of space of a conventional floppy diskette.
  • The name also could mean that it is some sort of magneto-optical disc like the ones available starting in the mid 1980s, such as those used in the NeXT cube and later in the Sony Minidisc system. if this was the case the name "Laserflop" would be illogical given magneto-optical discs are similar in solidity to the compact disc.
  • The design of the disk is reminiscent of typical 5.25 inch floppy diskettes used in most home computers at the time.