The Laserhund is a new enemy encountered in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. A completely quadrupedal machine, it combines the appearance and aggressiveness of the Kampfhund with the agility, armor, and firepower of the UberSoldat. As stated in the name it's main trait is it's powerful laser which shoots from it's single eye. Three harmless beams will shoot in a rotating motion from it's eyes as a warning that it's weapon is charging, before firing a very powerful blast. The Laserhund also has a melee attack when it gets up close, slamming itself into its enemy utilizing its hard metal armor and heavy weight, usually knocking their opponent off their feet. Combined with it's speed and durability, the Laserhund is one of the more challenging foes one will face in The New Colossus.

The first Laserhund appears on Venus in the Commander section, flying through the glass and attacking the player (even if the player stealth their way). Afterward, they appear more frequent, often coming if the player has set off the alarm or are walking around the vicinity.


The New ColossusEdit

  • Be warned of the Laserhund's beams that are about to fire a blast towards you. It's best to stay far away from them in combat, as they have a melee attack that knocks you around the area. If going in stealthy, watch the machine walk around the vicinity and kill the soldiers before attacking the machine. In addition, for stealthy players, the Laserhund only attacks if it spots you, turning their blue light to red on alert.
  • The player can instantly kill (stun, then kill) a Laserhund if they use a Upgrade kit on their grenades with electromagnetic. That being said, doing so with Commander's around can start the alarm if not careful.
  • On rare occasions, laserhund's will attack around a Commander area and not sound the alarm, implying that if the player attacks them, it will sound it. This is noticeable on the Ausmerzer with the last Commander.
  • Upgrading the Sturmgewehr with armor piercing rounds will put down a Laserhund quick if a player have no grenades or if one is running towards you. The Schockhammer X fully upgraded can destroy a laserhund at close range in an instant. This also goes with B.J.'s special weapons, the LaserKraftWerk and Dieselkraftwerk.
  • Once you have damaged a Laserhund, it's best not to get to close to them, as they explode (in a similar manner to the explosion caused by a Ubergewehr) upon being killed. If caught in the blast, the player can be killed or knocked on the ground to be fired upon by soldiers. Also, if the player is low on armor, they drop plenty once destroyed.
  • Laserhunds drop absurd amounts of armor; enough to replenish BJ multiple times over. Always remember where you destroyed one if you ever need more armor.
  • When silently killing a soldier with the Laserhund around, the latter will sometimes hunt the player down, no matter where he hides, thus sounding an alarm, (Bug?)


  • With the cloak ability, the player can bypass them (just like the Zitadelle and Panzerhund).
  • With the dash ability, the player can dodge their laser attacks, and avoid taking damage.
  • Like in the previous installment, a fully charged shot of the LaserKraftWerk will end them.
  • Also once again, avoid their death blast, as it will damage, or knock down the player until they buy invulnerable knockdown ability.

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