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The Leichenfaust 44 (lit. "Corpse Fist") is a weapon in 2009 video game Wolfenstein. Another example of the Nazis' experiments with the Black Sun Dimension. Created in the Castle of Isenstadt, it fires a spherical globe of energy that, on contact, detonates, instantly disintegrating almost any target, and levitating everything within its blast radius for a few seconds.


Wielded by no enemies, it is first found in the Castle of Isenstadt during the seventh mission "Castle" and the game is designed to ensure that the player obtains it, because progress is blocked by a heavy gate that requires the Leichenfaust 44's anti-gravity effect to open. After the Castle mission they can be found scattered within several levels. Ammo pickups are also rather scarce.


The Leichenfaust 44 fires a large spherical pulse of veil energy that detonates on contact. The detonation is powerful enough to completely disintegrate enemies (even able to kill an Altered with one shot), and also disrupts gravity around the point of explosion, causing debris (and the disintegrating remains of enemies) to float into the air for a few seconds, before crashing back down to the ground; you will need this effect to open heavy portcullis-style gates sometimes, as it causes them to float upward. Like the Panzerschreck, it is not advisable to fire it at close range, as it can seriously hurt B.J. too. This weapon is useful against most enemies, but its slow projectile, tremendous damage, and rare ammo means it is best saved for use against bosses.

Although it cannot kill the Heavy Troopers directly, it will cause them to float a few inches off the ground, rendering them unable to fire at B.J. and the blast will possibly destroy one or both of the canisters on their shoulders. When the effect wears off of the Heavy Trooper, it takes a noticeably long time for them to stand up straight again, giving the player time to finish them off.


There are a total of 4 upgrades for the Leichenfaust 44, with a total cost of $5,500:

  • Gallium Transformer. Unlock: complete Castle. Cost: $1,000. Reduces the recharge after each shot fired.
  • Nacrite Resonator. Unlock: complete Airfield. Cost: $1,000. Increases the speed of the projectile.
  • Planck Refractor. Unlock: complete Airfield. Cost: $2,000. Increases the radius of effect.
  • Iridium Casing. Unlock: complete Castle. Cost: $1,500. Increases the magazine size from 5 to 10. Also increases maximum ammo from 25 to 30.


  • It seems to be a miniaturization of the Keiler Tank's gun, the prototype of which can found (and operated) at the test firing range within the Cannery of Isenstadt.
  • It functions very simiarly to the BFG9000 from the Doom series of games, also by Id Software, especially the one featured in Doom 3.
  • It also functions like Dark Matter Gun from Quake 4, since before impact, projectiles fired from this weapon disintegrate enemies near to the projectile's trajectory.
  • Unlike other weapons, Leichenfaust 44's blueprint is not found among Intel, hinting it's a top-secret weapon under development.