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Leonid Alexandrov (Russian: Леонид Александров) is the leader of the Golden Dawn in Wolfenstein, leading the group that came to Isenstadt to understand the supernatural phenomenon of the Veil that the Nazis have being using in their experiments to create the ultimate superweapon and only revealed to be the quarternary antagonist behind the whole story.

At first, he didn't trust B.J. Blazkowicz, and the OSA was also wary of his Communist background. So he give him the first mission to locate one of his students in the Farm Mission. After that he give him a second mission to go to the Hospital for investigation of the possible of the Dig Site Portal that the Nazis have established inside.

Later, he sacrificed the Golden Dawn member, sending them to the Farm house to investigating the Shield Crystal and afterward purposefully letting his student be captured again and brutally interrogated by Richter.

After the Castle Mission is complete, he no longer appears in the Downtown area. Eventually, he is spotted again inside the Zeppelin by B.J. Blazkowicz and reveals everything. He was the mole all along and previously informed Nazis of B.J.'s arrival at the Train Station, and possibly working with the Black Market Businessman, Anton Kriege, as he also provided information to the enemies too. His colleagues, and Stalin, in Russia rejected his ideas which caused to join the Nazis

At almost at the end of the last level, he is killed by Hans Grösse as he had no further use for the Nazis, after he questioned joining them in exploring the Black Sun.

His group disappears after the Kreisau Circle have take over the entire town, probably returning to the Soviet Union or having dismantled their organization.