Prologue[edit | edit source]

Note from research assistant Winkler[edit | edit source]

28 Feb. 1946

Research assistant Ernst Ziegler was burned to death today when
performing an experiment on object #12-1 from the Wulfburg dig. A
small explosion occurred when Herr Ziegler tried to operate the object.
His torso caught fire and the fire spread to his head. We tried to put the
fire out, but eventually he succumbed to the flames. I am now forced to
write a letter to his wife. Need to come up with a good explanation.

12-1 is a very large crude-looking device which holds a series of
optical lenses, an incinerator with traces of magnesium, and other as of
yet unidentified components. We have dated the device to circa 964 AD.
It's likely to have been intended as a stationary weapon for larger
battles. Uncertain if it ever was deployed in battle or if a version was
ever developed which functioned without engulfing its user in flames. I
wonder, could this device be what Albert Einstein proposed as a "laser"
in his paper "On the Quantum Theory of Radiation"? If so, we might be
on the verge of the greatest scientific discovery of the decade!

Once safety procedures have been improved, the experiments will

Gottfried Winkler

Note from research assistant Lang[edit | edit source]

4 Jan. 1945

Helga is in a meeting with the Führer the whole week.

Got to shake his hand. Seemed like a very pleasant man, but his hands
were clammy and cold.

There was a faint unpleasant odor too. Helga assigned me to lead the
research team while she was preoccupied with out visitor.

Discoveries of note: an ancient construction sketch lodged in between
two wooden panels. Seemed to have been used during the building of
this castle. Castle was commissioned by King Otto to be a grandiose,
impressive, terrifying to his enemies. Must have been quite the sight back
then. A marvelous technical achievement by any standards. What
piqued my interest was when I looked at the sketches and saw several
spaces I could find no entrance to.

Maybe some kind of hidden opening device? Will report this to Helga
immediately when she is not otherwise engaged. Could it be the lost
treasures of King Otto?


Helga's letter[edit | edit source]

Castle Wolfenstein,

My Dear Reinhold,

I have a secret to share. A secret concerning ancient Kings and
arcane knowledge. But first...

You know how to write a letter that warms a woman's heart, my
dear Reinhold. And thank you so much for the wine - it was
delicious. I hope you know how much I enjoy and value our
continued correspondence, even though we are no longer lovers.
Perhaps it was for the best, our separation, because I have
witnessed sides of you now that I had never seen during any of our
years before. Perhaps you are unable to open up your heart to
women that you are romantically involved with?

Anyway, I am currently drowning in my work! And it seems I will be so
for most of this year. I feel an absolute bore, but I must decline
your invitations to visit your estate in Florence. As soon as my
calendar clears up, I will contact you, I promise!

About the secret. Big things are afoot here at Castle Wolfenstein.
Do you remember I confided in the last letter I sent you about
finding King Otto's secret study chamber here in the castle? Well, I
found the King's very own diary! I have had it translated and my
God, Reinhold! It is such a fascinating read! I knew a lot about
King Otto before, of course, seeing that I am a direct descendant to
him, but I did not know that he had such a fervent interest in the
occult sciences. Like me! It seems it runs in the family.

This fascination seems to have developed after the death of his wife
Eadgyth. It must have been a great loss to him. Of course, these
personal details mean little to me, but what intrigued me, dear
Reinhold, is what the King wrote about some parchments which
came into his possession during an incident in Instanbul. These
parchments seem to have been mostly related to advanced
alchemical research. Even more fascinating, the King began to
create war machines which he used to expand his empire. You can
understand this sparked my curiosity! That's why I decided to start
an investigation into what treasures of his could be still buried in
this part of the country.

I have recently launched an expedition to the nearby city of
Wulfburg and I am currently making preparations to go there
myself and oversee the operation.

Anyway, hope to see you soon!


Chapter One[edit | edit source]

Lotti Kohl's Letter[edit | edit source]

Whoever reads this

My name is Lotti Kohl
I was imprisoned by Helga
Please, contact my father in Wulfburg
Name is Robert Kohl
Works at the library
Tell him Helga is investigating the Defiled Church
Please, this is very urgent

Tell him I love him

Note from the State Veterinarian[edit | edit source]

Mr. Jäger, I appreciate that you are concerned about her health, but I
assure you that surgery will not be necessary. Indeed, I do agree with
your assessment that she has seemed irritable and withdrawn lately, but
let me point out two important points that should ease your mind:

1. If you give her the medication, twice daily as prescribed, the kidney
stones should pass naturally.

2. I know Greta is more than a mere dog to you, but once this ordeal is
over she will quickly forget about it and return to her normal jolly self.

Otto Weiß
State Veterinarian

Note from a Nazi officer[edit | edit source]


Add this to the incoming patients file. Don't forget it this time or Helga is
going to go crazy again. Remember last time? Let's not go through that

Three new patients this week: First patient B-6 apparently has visions of
"dark caves beneath Wulfburg." Second patient B-7 dreams of "armies
destroyed by rays of light." Third patient B-8 thinks he hears the
"thoughts of the rotting machine beast."

Good grief, what nonsense this is. I'll never forgive you for
recommending me for duty here. And stop leaving notes like this lying

(scribbled on the note:) Officer Helmut - send Erich to the African front.
As infrantry. Helga.

Patient interview note from Helga[edit | edit source]

I am preoccupied by Jonas Hartmann. There's more to this patient's
ramblings than the manifestations of a psychosis. He's describing
reoccurring visions connected to the city of Wulfburg. Visions that seem
to be related to King Otto. A church burnt to the ground. Strange
machinery in an underground labyrinth. Rotting limbs twisting and
moving in darkness. It's all very intriguing! Could be our first real lead to
find the buried treasures of King Otto. I will interview him in the library.
What wine to choose? He seems like a Sauvignon kind of man. I shall
enjoy this.

Chapter Two[edit | edit source]

Note from Helga[edit | edit source]

Need to get this inscription on the sarcophagus translated...


Chapter Three[edit | edit source]

Ingrid's Letter[edit | edit source]

Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen January 6, 1946

Rudi, my sweet boy,

I wish you could have taken time to visit your poor old mother
this Christmas. Maybe you were busy, what do I know?

When you were little, you were such a good boy. Such a good son.
I honestly feel, and maybe I should have told you this, that I was
blessed to have had you in my life. I know your Father could be
cruel, very cruel, to you sometimes, but that's all in the past now,
isn't it? Best not to dwell on such things. And besides, I was always
there to nurse your wounds to stave off infections, so I think it's
unfair of you to blame me for what he did. You know, he only
meant to correct you and sometimes, frankly, it was all in his right
to do so. While you were a good son most of the time, you could
also be very, very bad when that dark mood fell upon you. I'm sure
you understand why your Father had to use his belt.

My dear boy. You know how I fell upon hard times after your father
died and I had to send you away to your cousins in Frankfurt.
Well, now that you are so successful with the SS, I was thinking you
could send me some money. I'm not asking for much, my dear. But
it would ease the pain that comes with growing old alone.

Your loving mother,

Note from a scholar of King Otto I[edit | edit source]

I have had the text translated for you, Frau Obersturmbannführer.

'Today I was a witness to the great battle of Lechfeld when my Lord King
Otto's army slaughtered more than 45,000 invading Magyars. I have
always enjoyed the dance of death. However, I have never seen
anything like what I saw today, when the King sent his secret weapons
given unto him by Almighty God into battle. These great angelical
war beasts blazed through the battlefield like holy dragons. They picked
up the horses from the ground and tore them apart. They ripped off the
heads of the Magyar soldiers. They crushed the bones of the enemies as
if they were made of brittle wood. When inspecting the aftermath of the
battle I found that most of the Magyars were missing limbs, had been
torn in half, or has been crushed to death. On a more worrying note, it
seemed to me that a few of King Otto's chained beasts had open pus
filled wounds even though I had not seen them take a hit from a blade or
an axe. Upon further inspection, it looked as if their bodies were
decomposing from some kind of unknown corruption. A curse perhaps? I
could almost see their tissue melting straight off the bones. I have
expressed these concerns to King Otto.'

Note from a scholar of King Otto II[edit | edit source]

Here is the translation you asked for, Frau Obersturmbannführer.

'I have so far applied all of my skills to deciphering the confusing
translation bestowed to me by the King's linguistic scholars. Many of
King Otto's parchments were badly damaged, scorched by fire, and
missing complete paragraphs that seemingly contained crucial
information. Also, my work has been slowed down considerably by
utterly dismal test conditions in these dungeons. However, during the last
month, I have been making enormous strides in my research; the bodily
fluids circulating within a human can be altered with an alchemical
substance which is partially described in one of the text fragments. In
theory, I should be able to create a serum which can awaken dead
tissue. This would allow wounded soldiers to be healed in the middle of
a battle!

However, as a fascinating side effect, one of the test subjects died from
the alchemical compound and when I went to pull the sheet over his
body - he opened his eyes. The subject had remarkably returned from
death! Thus far I have successfully brought five test subjects back to life. I
have observed that subjects returning from death enter into a catatonic
sleep-like state. Furthermore, the body temperature of the subjects
increased dramatically. I have even seen some of them spontaneously
burst into flames from the accumulated internal heat. Another
unfortunate side-effect is that they become gripped by a murderous
frenzy which seems to never wane. The only way to permanently kill
them seems to be by destroying the brain or hack them into little pieces. I
have started calling them "shamblers" because of how they move. More
experimentation is need. As soon as I get my reinforced straps for the
dissection table I shall attempt a vivisection on one of them.

Siegbald Berger'

Note from a scholar of King Otto III[edit | edit source]

Here is the translation you asked for, Frau Obersturmbannführer.

'It's hard to write in these dungeons. We are running out of candles and
need to stock up during our next visit to Paderborn. Last week I gave the
alchemical concoction provided to me by Siegbald Berger to one of the
war beasts. Hitherto, it has shown mostly positive effects. Their muscles
have grown stronger, and both strength and agility seem to have greatly
improved. What is especially remarkable, however, is that this
alchemical concoction has solved the problem of decaying flesh
exhibited by previous incarnations. This would, of course, make them
more reliable when used in battle. Of note is a strange side-effect where
the beasts release noxious green-colored gases which seem to have no
effect on humans. We need to investigate further, however. Do not want
our soldiers falling ill out on the battlefield. Also, I am not sure if I am
imagining this, but it does seem to me that the beasts have grown bigger
over the past month.

Konrad Acker'

Note from Helga I[edit | edit source]


The Wulfburg mystery deepens. I thought it was destroyed by invading
barbarians. Wrong! New theory: the razing was ordered by King Otto.
Why? Were the citizens disloyal? No record can tell, only that it was
quick and sudden. The city was rebuilt decades later and all of the
events seemingly erased from history. What secrets must not be buried
underneath its ashes? Overheard a couple of soldiers discussing this the
other day. Mentioned giants and demons. Simple folktales by simple
people, but as always these kinds of stories carry a grain of truth. I must
research more. The snow is falling heavier outside today. Maybe I will
read tonight in front of the fireplace. Dinner with Karl tomorrow - very
exciting! What shall I wear?

Note from Helga II[edit | edit source]

Interview with patient C-12, Gebbert Baumann, revealed very little.
Patient claims to have visions of burning people walking through
the streets of Wulfburg. Visions came to him shortly after we set up the dig
site. Patient is a Jew but I will keep him around a while longer in case his
visions reveal more interesting information

Al-biruni's Letter[edit | edit source]

Frau obersturmbannfuher,

We found a letter written in both 10th century Persian and Old
High German by a persian scholar named al-biruni. I have made a
translation of the Old High German text, but since I know that you
are skilled in many languages, i have attached the original persian
letter as well for you.


'To his excellency King Otto

My dear friend Otto, I am writing to you regarding the second
iteration of the large reinforced chains you commissioned from us.
I have revised my old calculations for the chains as they were
designed with a steady constant pressure in mind such as those
intended for large drawbridges or heavy mining equipment. the
new specifications that i have attached are according to the
complementary information given to me by your general Afzoud in
his request to re-engineer the chains so that they can withstand
jerking and pulling by a force equal to that of three hunderd horses

The ironworkers and my staff are baffled and insist that there is no
practical use for such large chains, i have told them to hold their
tongues if they want to hold their jobs, but i must confess that even I
am curious about the purpose of these monstrous chains. What do
you wish to hold in place that possesses such strength? What is
there must be shackled so securely?

If you do not wish to tell; I understand and respect it. but maybe
you could bemuse an old friend with a little hint?

your friend

Master engineer Abu Rayhan al-biruni'

Interrogation report[edit | edit source]


Interviewer: Sturmbannführer Rudi Jäger
Subject: 460119-01

Subject is a suspected double agent working for the allied forces. Subject
was arrested inside Castle Wolfenstein accompanied by another agent --
subject 460119-02 -- while breaking into Frau Obersturmbannführer's
office for archaeological research. The agents are also suspected to have
been aided by a contact person from the underground resistance in
Paderborn village.

1. The subject was asked about his identity, his mission to Castle
Wolfenstein, what he was after in Frau Obersturmbannführer's office,
and who his contact is in the village. The subject refused to answer any
of the questions.

2. Electric shocks were administered to the subject. Subject is mentally
much stronger than initially thought. He maintained his refusal to
cooperate, despite the physical strain that was put upon his body.

3. The electrocution was suspended in favor of other enhanced
interrogation techniques. Blunt trauma to the head, knife cuts to the
body, and splashing ice cold water in the subject's face was administered.
No results. The subject is not being cooperative. Most people would have
broken down long before this. The subject must be a very experienced
and high-ranking agent.

4. The subject refuses to reveal the identity of their resistance contact
even after a lengthy session of electrocution. The subject is physically
almost worn out and will most likely perish from a few more seconds of
electrocution. The interrogation is suspended for a short break to let the
subject recuperate.

Chapter Four[edit | edit source]

Note from Annette[edit | edit source]

Day 1 - Asked Herr Kessler if I could spy for him. He said yes. I will write
down my observations here.

Day 9 - This is boring. Nothing ever happens. I think too much and get

Day 15 - Many Nazis patrolling past the tavern. One of them looked up
but I don't think he saw me. Miss you.

Day 16 - A group of Nazis and the Nazi woman Helga came by. They
are going somewhere. Preparing vehicles.

Day 17 - Helga left town with an army. Where?

Day 18 - Big man from the castle came by with dog. Looks scary.

Day 21 - Herr Kessler told me to stop with my spying. Too dangerous he
said. People could see.

Day 61 - Herr Kessler told me allied agents are coming. Need to make
preparations. Back to spying.

Day 63 - Managed to steal sleeping pills from the apothecary. Got
chased by a Nazi. My heart is racing.

Day 64 - Two Nazis drinking in the bar. Put the ground-up sleeping pills
in their beer. They passed out in the alley. We dragged them inside and
took their clothes. Kessler told me to go and fold the clothes and put
them in a box.

Day 66 - Went out through the underground lake and into the woods.
Put the box with the clothes in the car hidden in the clearing just like
Herr Kessler told me. So good to feel the sunshine again.

Day 69 - Explosions from the castle. Agents? Scared but excited too.
Maybe I will see you again.

Sophie's Letter[edit | edit source]

Berlin September, 1937

My love,

A cold wind is blowing outside, rattling the windows. As I sit here
writing this letter, I'm wondering what you are doing. Are you
getting the story you were after? I know you've find it arduous
working as a journalist under the Regime. If you feel your only
option left is to leave the country, I will follow you wherever you go.
Maybe England? Didn't you have some friends there?

Yes, I miss you too. To day I do not lie awake at night would belie
the extent of my longing for you. Sometimes, I wake up blushing
from the feverish dreams I have about you. I'm blushing now, as I
write this, thinking about it. I wish I could have you here right now.
I wish I could touch you. Feel your warmth against me.

It's much colder here in Berlin than it ought to be when September
comes to an end. This city is changing. Every day, I hear the
trampling of their boots outside my window. To think such a small
man could be the cause of such big problems? I fear what has
become of our country.

Anna and I went to the cinema last night. After the film was over,
and we were walking home, a group of Jugend boys followed us
through the streets. One of them had read my column in the paper
and had decided he did not like it (or me) very much. They
hounded us, shouting things. Ugly things. But they could not
intimidate us, no matter how they tried. We will not allow them to
intimidate us.

Don't worry, love. My friends are taking care of me. There are
always people around me. People I can trust.

Can't wait for you to come home.

All my love,

Drug prescription[edit | edit source]

For: Herr Ludwig Kessler

Address: Königstrasse 12

1 mg

For depression

Take as directed

Date: Jan. 1946
Doctor: Dr. Bernhard Hirsch
Reg. number: 73629

Note from Kessler[edit | edit source]

Must never forget what you said, Sophie.

"Question authority. Stand up for the rights of your fellow human beings.
Fight for their equal worth. Be kind."

And this they murdered you for. I will finish what you started, my love.
Can I ever feel that young Annette will be safe? Maybe not. She tells me
she wants to find her friend in Wulfburg.

I will have to let her go at some point.

Chapter Five[edit | edit source]

Wesley's letter[edit | edit source]

To Pippa Shepherd
Sacksville Road 54

Dear Pippa,
Please accept my sincere apologies for the beer. Very very
ungentlemanly of me, I must say. I could make up for it by washing
your laundry for a week. Or perhaps I could take you out for
dinner? I can do both even!
When all this wat business is over.
Maybe then.

Yours truly,

Note from Pippa[edit | edit source]

11th of March, 1946

Went out last night after my shift at the hospital to take a closer look at
the dig site beyond the old church ruins (the locals call it "the defiled

Encountered a couple of guards patrolling the perimeter. Bless your
heart, mother, for insisting on speaking German at home. Started acting
tipsy when one of them approached me. Good call. They let me go.
Could feel the commander's eyes all over me. Said he was close with
Helga. Will seek him out again. Take him home and make him talk. Little
Nazi wanker.

Dig site has grown. The Nazis aren't exactly treating the dead with
respect. Tombstones toppled over. Caskets dug up from the earth.
Noticed they have been using that Laderoboter to dig a new tunnel into
the northern part of the graveyard. What are they looking for? What's
so important? Civilians afraid to speak up against this act of blasphemy?
Or simply acquiescent? May never know.

Note from Felix the tavern owner[edit | edit source]

Heinz, you are a disgrace! The Frau almost flayed me alive because of
that overcooked steak you sent up to her room. We need to keep her
happy as long as she stays in our guest house. As the chef you are
responsible for the food. Let me make a few things clear for you and
your staff:

- The Frau DESPISES sweet things! Do not put sugar in her morning
coffee, do not offer dessert. In fact, avoid all sweet things completely.
Fruits, what have you.

- Salads, well, then use plenty of salt and vinegar in the dressing.

- The Frau enjoys red meat. Don't overcook it - she likes it bloody
("it should almost crawl off the plate" she told me). Never serve
her fish. Or seafood of any kind for that matter. Stick to safe bets: steaks
(barely dead), meaty sausages, ground beef, juicy pork, etc.

- The Frau drinks wine as if it was water, but she is very picky with
where it was produced and what year it's from. We are getting a
shipment of her personal wine stock from Castle Wolfenstein, but until
then, only use the best from our wine cellar. Never serve her port
(important!). You can serve any other wine, as long as it is not sweet.

This is serious, Heinz. If you mess this up again, she'll have my head on
a plate. I'll make damn sure you go down with me if that happens!

Note from Officer Albert[edit | edit source]

March 17, 1946
Been here for a month now. I'm starting to miss home. Helga has been
on my back every single day since I broke the damn Laderoboter. I need
to prove to her that I am a shining example of an SS soldier. But I have
to be honest, the catacombs are really freaking me out. I peeked into
one of Randolph's notes the other day. He writes something about
"volatile ancient technology" and that there may be something
dangerous waiting for us below. I've been on too many digs like this
with Helga to know that there are a lot of weird things out there on
God's green earth that's just waiting to crawl out and devour the world.
So I'll take his word for it and go get piss drunk at the tavern tonight.

Schreiner's letter[edit | edit source]




By orders from General Wilhelm Strasse, I have been assigend to
be your handler on the King Otto project. as i'm sure you are well
aware, the General has been keeping an eye on this project of
yours for quite some time. he has been expecting to see swift
results, something we could turn into tactical benefits for use
against the allied forces, but you have thus far failed to present

as we've worked together before, I am aware of your capabilities,
as evidenced by the discovery of the istanbul parchments which
became so important in the creation of General Strasse's new war
machines however, i'm starting to worry that you are losing sight
of what's important and...indulging in personal fancies, shall we

Therefore, I have decided to travel down to Wulfburg in person to
see what you have been spending all of your division's money on.

Expect me very soon.

Sturmbannfuhrer Emmerich Schreiner

Chapter Six[edit | edit source]

Note from Helga[edit | edit source]

March 14, 1946

So close now, I can taste blood in my mouth. What secrets must await
me inside the vault! King Otto's secrets, my forebear, passing on the
torch to me. A part of me believes the King is communicating with me
from beyond. The whispers in the dark below. I think it's him.

Side note: expecting that dreadful parody of a man, Schreiner, any day
now. His letter said Deathshead has ordered him to oversee my project.
Ha! We'll see about that! Will probably need to stock up on more wine
to get me through that.

Note from a Nazi officer[edit | edit source]

Karl, send this telegram to the dig site camp:

To Eberhardt,

I have repaired the Laderoboter. Even though it's a sturdy machine,
beware of wear and tear when using it in the dig site tunnels. I have
ordered spare parts and fuel from Castle Wolfenstein, in case it breaks
down again. You can pick up the repaired Laderoboter by the old town


Note from Herr Obermann[edit | edit source]


You will have to come in twice a day now. It's the troops. They come
here from that unchristian graveyard excavation and clog up the drains
with mud and filth. And they behave like pigs, spilling beer and
dropping cigarettes in the pools! I know these soldiers are fighting for
the fatherland, but do they have to use my curtains to blow their noses?

I will of course double your (rest of sentence is smudged with blood and

Chapter Eight[edit | edit source]

King Otto's Letter[edit | edit source]

Frau Obersturmbannführer,

As requested, here is the translated letter of King Otto.

Gottfried Winkler

'Otto, by the grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor, to venerable
Konrad, abbot of Wulfburg, -- his most kind greeting.

Because of the nature of our problem and the significant threat we
face both from... (illegible) ...I have made the decision to end your
investigations into the Parchments from Constantinople. I am well
aware, my loyal friend, how dedicated you have been to...
(illegible) ...and a gift bestowed upon me by God. This latest
construction, however, is an abomination from hell. I know you
have frequently complained about the parchments being
incomplete but I suspect it is actually the Devil that is trying to steer
us onto the left hand path. We shall not give in to his wishes.

(Enitre paragraph illegible)

By the power vested in me from our Lord, I command you to burn
everything in the tunnels. Destroy everything and let nothing live.
You must leave nothing behind which can reveal what has taken
place in those tunnels. I want all evidence of your... (illegible)
Wulfburg destroyed. You must burn the map of the complex. And if
you can't destroy the... (illegible) the inner vault, then seal it
shut so that none may enter! (illegible) ...burn the entire city to the
ground if you must. I will send my best men to assist you in this task.

If word escapes of what went down there, my dear friend, you
know I will be required to have your head chopped off and...
(illegible) Do this, then return to Paderborn and I will make sure to
reward you justly and have you assigned to a... (illegible)'

Note from Helga I[edit | edit source]

First entry, transcribed from Father Gregory's diary:

'March 11, 1934.

How difficult to distinguish local legends from long forgotten truths! But
I'm beginning to suspect I'm on to something. There is a network of
ancient tunnels hidden away underneath the defiled church ruins. I'm
becoming more and more convinced of this. Something is down there,
hidden away from the world, perhaps never meant to be found. I'm
thinking one only hides something if it's either hideous or valuable. I feel
it in my soul that it's something valuable - a treasure? Oh Lord, if I
should find this treasure I could use it in celebration of your glorious
name. Send me a sign, Oh Lord, if that is what you wish of me.

Must remember to buy milk for the cats before I go home today.'

Note from Helga II[edit | edit source]

Second entry, transcribed from Father Gregory's diary:

'April 7, 1935.

I have found an old map, very old, along with a letter from King Otto -
the Holy Roman Emperor! I knew it! The tunnels. They are real. Oh, Lord
- thank you for finally showing me a sign!'

Note from Helga III[edit | edit source]

Third entry, transcribed from Father Gregory's diary:

'August 19, 1935.

August has been so hot - I'm sweating like a pig! And while the heat is
melting the skin off my bones, this research into what lies buried
underneath the defiled church has started to haunt me in my dreams. It's
been going on for the past few weeks now. I believe I must desist. I
believe it's the work of the Devil! Demons and witches, working for the
Beast, trying to fool me. I have seen them following me, disguised as
humans! Well, I will not be fooled by them!

I have tried to burn the letter and the map I found, but I cannot! I will
hide them instead. Keep them safe.'

Note from SS archaeologist Randolph I[edit | edit source]

Frau Obersturmbannführer,

I suggest that we dig a tunnel into the northwestern part of the
graveyard. There are many clues that lead me to believe we could more
easily find the way into King Otto's underground complex by going that
way. We would need to dig very deep and we would need a lot more
man-power to build things like elevators, rail tracks, power conduits, and
so on.

When you have the time, please come and consult me,


Note from SS archaeologist Randolph II[edit | edit source]

16th March, 1946
We've entered the ancient catacombs now. I am haunted by reoccurring
nightmares. They wake me up every night. I feel that the deeper we
progress, the more intensely horrifying the nightmares become. The
acute sense of horror abates after I have had my breakfast and coffee,
but during the waking hours a nameless dread builds up; a fear of what
lies hidden in the deep. I am overcome by waves of anxiety every time
Eberhardt, the dig foreman, comes to report excavation results.
Yesterday, I thought I heard a ghostly voice in the dark. Couldn't make
out the words. Maybe I should go to the infirmary. But then, what would
Helga think of me? Would she think I was weak? That's the last thing I
want. I pray this project will be over soon as we can leave this accursed


Note from SS archaeologist Randolph III[edit | edit source]

February 17

Located the antechamber to the inner vault. Curious puzzle mechanism
here connected to some kind of gate. Need to solve to open the way to
the entrance to the inner vault. Helga believes she can solve it quickly.
Her mental acuity is impressive, but I have my doubts on how she will
perform on this task. It looks highly complex, very impressive indeed for
the work of a 10th century abbot.


Note from Eberhardt the dig foreman I[edit | edit source]

March 10.

Daily status report:

- Helga managed to solve that puzzle and the stone button will now
reveal a staircase every time it is used. Behind the gate we found
another passage blocked off by rocks. Should be a stone door behind
these rocks, leading into the inner vault.
- Need to prepare removal of rocks. Would rather avoid dynamite.
Could damage the inner vault door.
- Some of the men seem to have developed jelly-spines. Complaints about
strange sounds coming from behind the rocks. Many of them
complaining about nightmares. Silly childish superstitions.
- The men need to celebrate. Will allow those who have worked hardest
to go to the tavern some night.


Note from Eberhardt the dig foreman II[edit | edit source]

March 17.

Managed to remove the rocks with dynamite. Stone door leading into the
inner vault was damaged, like I feared. Some kind of green gas started
leaking out of the rock. Had no smell. Curious.

Will wait for Helga. Some of the men are talking about a curse. That we
should not be here.

Fritz died in the explosion. A stone came loose from the cavern ceiling
and fell on his head. Tragic.

Men are getting irritable. I hear them shouting as I write this. Must deal
with this immediately.


Note from SS archaeologist Randolph IV[edit | edit source]

March 17.

My God, I can't believe what I have just seen.

We cleared the way into the inner vault. One of the men died in the
explosion. While the others took care of the body, I could not resist
opening the gate into the vault, despite what Helga said. I put a cloth
over my mouth because of the strange green colored gas, but it got into
my nose and left a burning sensation.

Entering the inner vault, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of awe.
Such an impressive feat, to build such a vast chamber this deep into the
mountain. There seems to be no end to it. There must be treasures
hidden here. Magnificent treasures of real historical value. Also, I
observed the unidentifiable gas released from the cracks in the ground
caused by the earthquake.

In front of the entrance, there is a mechanism of sorts. Symbols on it, the
same as on the map we retrieved from Helga's patient. Maybe it controls
the aperture at the bottom of the pit. Helga has the map, so I cannot test
this hypothesis yet. Something seems to be locked away there,
underneath the earth.

Hoping Helga will get here soon so we can study this further.


Achievements[edit | edit source]

Paperboy.jpg Paperboy
Collect 5 letters.
Postman.jpg Postman
Collect all letters.
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