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There is game editing software available to allow you to create or edit levels of Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.

History Edit

There have been many developments in map editing.

Mapedit Edit

MapEdit has historically been a very prominent editor for Wolfenstein 3D, and happilly runs on MS-DOS or a MS-DOS emulator.

Floedit Edit

The real name is Flo's Wolfenstein Editor. It can edit not only maps, but also it can edit the graphics and the sounds. In fact, when it loads, it shows you what i=s being loaded. There is an unexpected thing in this though. The digitized sounds goes in the category of VSWAP, which is the third of four categories. The other three are GAMEMAPS, VGAGRAPH, and AUDIOT. The graphics in the map editor are better than in Mapedit. It even has a test button! There may be a bug there. If you have loaded something, say a wall image, the directory for the test will be the same as the wall image's directory.