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Light Weapons is a skill in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which is available to all classes. It improves the player's efficiency with pistols and submachine guns. The skill is very useful for all players, regardless of the role they play in the battle.

Experience points are earned for kills with light weapons, unscoped rifles, and grenades. Headshots give more points.

Skill Levels and Benefits

  • Level 1 Light Weapons: Improved use of Light Weapon Ammunition - When you respawn, your ammo loadout will include an extra magazine of ammo.
  • Level 2 Light Weapons: Faster Reload - Your familiarity with your weapons allows you to reload them 35% faster.
  • Level 3 Light Weapons: Improved Light Weapon Handling - Your combat experience allows you to handle your weapons with greater ease; SMG spread is reduced by 35% while Pistol recoil is halved.
  • Level 4 Light Weapons: Dual-Wield Pistols - Your single-handed weapon slot now has the option of dual-wield akimbo pistols.
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