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London is the capital city of United Kingdom.

Wolfenstein: The New Order[]

After the disastrous Allied assault on Deathshead's Compound in 1946, Great Britain was occupied along with the rest of mainland Europe by Nazi Germany (MachineGames) after it had used its rapid advances in wartime technology to defeat the Allied Powers. The Nazis took full control of London and destroyed much of the former city and rebuilt it into a massive concrete fortress that better suited the desires of the Nazi Empire. Nevertheless, the British resistance remained fiercely engaged with their Nazi oppressors, eventually culminating in the bloody August Uprising in 1951. Unfortunately, the Nazis deployed the London Monitor to put down the resistance, effectively destroying any organized opposition against the new Nazi regime in London. By 1960, the city was completely unrecognizable and now hosted the London Nautica, a major research center and the main space hub for the Nazi Empire. The gargantuan structure towered over the Thames River on the site of the former Westminster Palace, with only the Big Ben Clock Tower still standing.

In 1960, the Kreisau Circle (MachineGames) sent William J. Blazkowicz (MachineGames) and former London native Bobby Bram to the city to infiltrate the London Nautica and to steal the Nazis' three prototype Project Whisper helicopters, which the resistance intended to use against their Nazi opponents. When the two men arrived, the old city was still in the process of being leveled and the dilapidated streets were crawling with Nazi soldiers along countless check points. Upon reaching the Nautica, Blazkowicz ventured alone and Bobby Bram drove into the main entrance, setting off a massive car bomb that caused considerable damage to the structure at the cost of his own life. Blazkowicz gained entry into the damaged structure and fought his way to the upper levels, discovering both the helicopters and many former technologies of the ancient Da'at Yichud secret society, which were being reverse-engineered by the Nazis to fuel their technological advancement. The operatives of the Kreisau Circle then inserted via glider from the massive radio tower situated in close proximity to the Nautica, and the resistance members fled back to their Berlin hideout with their newly acquired aircraft.

By November-December of that year, Blazkowicz returned to London after having fled the Nazi Moon Base One and crashlanding his shuttle on the massive landing platform atop the Nautica. After once again fighting his way out of the facility, the London Monitor was deployed to kill him and ordered an immediate curfew for the entire city. After a prolonged engagement, Blazkowicz succeeded in destroying the massive war machine and fled the scene with fellow Kreisau member Klaus Kreutz. The two then fled back to Berlin before the London authorities could stop them.

With the London Monitor's destruction, it is likely that the British resistance was eventually reborn and that armed opposition to the Nazi's puppet regime in Great Britain was once again on the rise. London's status is unknown as of the year 1980 after the defeat of the Nazis in North America, but is presumably still under Nazi control along with the rest of Europe.