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"This big fucking disgrace of a building is the London Nautica. This used to be downtown London. Used to be fighting in the streets over here. I mean furious, unrelenting resistance. Then the Nazis brought in the London Monitor and everything went to shit from there. They just do whatsoever they please now. They've just fucking leveled everything and erected this fucking monstrosity. It's a top Nazi research facility, this is. Aviation, space, all kinds of evil shit transpiring."
Bobby Bram talking about the London Nautica to B.J. Blazkowicz.[src]


The London Nautica is a large Nazi research building in London.


London was one of the last major cities to fall and be integrated into Hitler's empire. After relentless fighting, the people of London were beaten into submission. The Nazis leveled much of the central area of the city, poured asphalt over it and erected a monumental building in its place: the London Nautica. The Nautica was created for advanced research in aviation and robotics technology. It is one of the most well-guarded buildings in Germania.

The London Nautica is the space hub of the world. Passenger flights leave for the moon twice every month. Passengers travel in a several

1960s London concept artwork

stories tall glass elevator that goes up along the east wall of the Nautica all the way to the top. VIP passengers are served champagne and caviar before stepping into the elevator.


The London Nautica is a massive intimidating building at the heart of what used to be Downtown London. It is presumably built from Uber Concrete and has a dark complexion. It has a large tower with a bridge extending outwards from the top. At the bottom outside the entrance there is a statue of what seems to be Werner Von Braun holding a rocket ship.

Moon Dome[]

The Moon Dome

The moon dome was built to showcase the Nazis' expansion into space. It has a topographically correct replica of the moon spinning in the middle, and on the surface of the moon is a miniature model of the Nazi lunar base.

Da'at Yichud Laboratory[]

Da'at Yichud reverse-engineering laboratory

Hidden away on the upper levels of the London Nautica, the Da'at Yichud laboratory is the Nazis' best kept secret. It's a vault for safe-keeping ancient mystic parchments, as well as a lab for designing and testing new prototypes of incredibly advanced technology, such as the LaserKraftWerk.

Hangar Bay[]

Helicopter hangar bay

The hangar bay of the London Nautica is home to three working helicopter prototypes of Project Whisper. They are set on helipad platform and are heavily guarded by Soldiers and Guard Robots.

The New Order[]

B.J., along with Bobby Bram, arrive at the London Nautica in order to steal the details of Project Whisper. Bobby volunteered as a car bomber in which he bombed the building's entrance, allowing B.J. to enter the building. B.J. fought to the Da'at Yichud laboratory, where he gains access to the prototype Laserkraftwerk before reaching the hangar. At the hangar, B.J. fends off multiple Nazi soldiers before taking down a Heavy Robot. After this, members of the Kreisau Circle comes in by glider and steal the Project Whisper helicopters.

B.J. later revisits the Nautica disguised as General Deathshead's chief research scientist, allowing him to board a shuttle bound for the moon. After completing his mission to retrieve the nuclear codes for the ''Eva's Hammer'', B.J. returns to the Nautica where his shuttle crash-lands after being shot down by the building's anti-air defenses. He arrived to find the building still under repair from the massive car bomb set off by Bobby, and the London Monitor is soon after brought back online. B.J. escapes the shuttle and infiltrates the Nautica, where he fends off multiple soldiers before destroying the colossal London Monitor.


  • Although German Democratic Republic (DDR, East Germany) never exists in Wolfenstein TNO timeline, the player will encounter several Trabant 601s, that was supposed to be made in East Germany, in the ruin of London Nautica's entrance parking lot, It could be assumed Both East German and West Germany Lores Exist As Germania's Lores
  • The London Nautica was built on the site of the Palace of Westminster, of which only Big Ben remains.