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Lopers (German: Hoppelner) are Deathshead's first X-Creature creations. They were created from the corpses of other beings.


Loper is the first result of Übersoldat project and considered as failures due to their unstable and feral nature. Lopers are cyborgs who have their lower body parts amputated and replaced with Tesla-generators. The creatures are enhanced with drugs, making them very agile and fast. They have an ability to jump to great distances and electrocute their enemies. Lopers are known for their tendency to run away and make trouble, killing scientists and guards, and attack Proto-Soldiers in X-Labs.


  • Lopers are one of the most annoying types of enemies in the game, as they often attack by jumping in the air and electrocuting their targets. They can even damage the player with electricity while they are standing on an elevation. It's a good tactic to attack the Lopers from a distance because their attacks can drain the player's health really fast and are hard to hit. Remember to take cover to avoid their Tesla attack. The best weapons to use against them are the Flamethrower, the Venom Gun, the Panzerfaust (when up close, 1~2 rockets should do) and the Paratrooper rifle from a distance, which is not always an option because Lopers take cover away from the player's fire when they can't fight back. The flamethrower will take less than 10 seconds to kill one.
  • Avoid contact with Lopers if you are not ready to attack, as you will start to take damage once it releases electricity, which will happen shortly after visual contact with a Loper.
  • Lopers attack everything with the exception of other Lopers, which can be helpful. Try and have your enemies kill each other off, even if your enemies failed to kill the Lopers for you (which is fairly common). They will be easy prey afterwards anyway, especially for the Proto-Soldier.
  • It's also possible to lure Lopers into electricity traps. In the X-Labs there are electric fences you can activate a switch to turn on and any Lopers will die on contact.
  • Sometimes, in the last part of Mission 5 Part 2, Lopers can jump into the water trying to attack the player and drown. When this happens, the player drowning sound effects are heard.
  • The first Loper encountered in the game has 350 health points so as to survive the Venom gun attacks from a scripted sequence with enough health to still pose a major threat to the player.


Four Lopers appear in the Secret Weapons Facility. In the X-Labs, about ten Lopers will be encountered.


Lopers appear only in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.