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"Kassmeyer: The time and money it takes to biologically engineer something of this quality...Well, it’s staggering.
Soldier: Yes sir. I’ll make sure the shipment is kept safe. Whatever it takes.
Kassmeyer: Good man. You never know when some terrorist lunatic will come out from the shadows.
Soldier: Like Terror-Billy!
Kassmeyer: Don’t mention his name! It’s bad luck.
―Ludwig Kassmeyer issuing orders to a soldier[src]

Brigadefuhrer Ludwig Kassmeyer was an Uberkommandant appearing in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


Before 1961[]

Kassmeyer, was a decorated officer, and became a noticeable commander during the battle of Constantinople. While he was stationed in the Midwest of the American Territories in 1953, he had successfully killed fifty three terrorists, while capturing a hundred and eight. He was also responsible for capturing an entire terrorist cell, who were hiding in the Boston brewery, in 1954. This capture had shown that Boston was to unruly, and because of this Hitler ordered Daniel Eckstein to solve the problem, which ended with grueling results.


He was originally stationed in Area 52, but was among the many to escape the blast and head with the Oberkommando to Venus. While making an inspection of the Venus Aerostat Habitat, he was killed by B.J. His death caused the Venus base to be realized as vulnerable to attack, and for Hitler to become more paranoid than ever.


Based on his dialogue, Ludwig Kassmeyer holds the Third Reich’s interests at heart, including those of Adolf Hitler’s. He also dreads hearing the words “Terror-Billy”, believing that it is unlucky, suggesting that he is also superstitious.