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The  MG-60 (MaschinenGewehr 1960) or Machine Gun 1960 is a energy-based turret armament designed and used by the Nazis during 1960


  • The Machine Gun 1960 is a directed-energy weapon that feeds on electricity, thus in theory it can be fired indefinitely even on mobile mode, as long as you can find Charging Station to recharge its battery periodically.
  • Like its 1946 predecessor, the player can use it as a fixed emplacement or unmount it for mobile heavy firepower. It can be re-attached to its tripod mount for recharging, but wall charging stations are more common and convenient, as the weapon takes time to charge even on the tripod whereas the MG-46 replenishes its ammo instantly when mounted.
  • MG-60's high firepower allows the player wielding it to easily tear apart groups of ordinary soldiers and Heavy Soldiers in moments. However, the player will be exposed to enemy fire and the player is burdened by MG-60's mass, preventing the player from executing hit-and-run tactic asides from popping in and out of one piece of reliable cover.
  • However, against larger enemies like Supersoldaten and Guard Robots, spraying fire at them is quite ineffective. Instead, it requires the player to concentrate damage on a body part (recommended to aim at the head or chest) until a piece of metal armor plating is torn away, and then fire at the exposed section that is revealed. On Über difficulty, even well-focused fire will still require a significant portion of the MG-60's battery.
  • The MG-60 is a powerful weapon against the enemy or the players themselves, its firepower is not something to be underestimated when used by the enemy.
  • Other than as a turret, this is a primary weapon of choice for the Supersoldaten.
  • The MG-60 can pierce through thin metal, like LaserKraftWerk. Unlike the narrow cutting beam of the LKW, the shots will simply punch holes through the metal sheet and can damage a target hiding behind it.
  • It was also counted by the year of 1960. So it is called the MG-1960 like the Handgun 1960


The Machine Gun 1960 appears only in Wolfenstein: The New Order., and in 1960 timeline only.


  • Because the MG 60 is energy based, the recoil is significantly lower than other conventional weapons, including Machine Gun 1946.